Monday, November 23, 2009

What have we been up to?

Every couple of months, I just love uploading the pictures off of my phone. It's so much fun to see different pics of my kiddos :o) It really is a representation of what we have been up lately. So, here's the recent uploads...

These picture were taken right after Julianne got home from Ethiopia. Doesn't she look little?
Babies are so flexible.
A month or so ago, we went to a festival called Rendezvous. There were tee pees, Indians and furry jackets. These types of clothes really freak me out...I am not sure why Hillary Ashton is wearing them. I am sure this was her daddy's idea :o)
My girls are BIG fans of the $1 junior sundaes at Sonic. Oh, and look at the hat Hillary Ashton is wearing. Isn't it cute? I got it at the Gap outlet in Destin for Julianne, but big sister claimed it that particular day.
A month or so ago, we went to CityFest in downtown NLR. There was a great turnout-Praise God! An added bonus...Bob and Larry were there. I probably don't even have to tell you what Sophie Le & Julianne thought about Bob and Larry :o) I also got to see the little baby we did respite care for a few months ago!
This pic represents one of my favorite times of the week...eating lunch with Hillary Ashton at her school. I just love having that special time with her!
Sophie Le got a four -wheeler for her birthday...Julianne loves riding it!
So does big sister. The orange piece of paper on her jumper is a "kindess award." Kindess awards are handed out to children who show kindess to another student during the day. I think she got this one for helping someone put their shoe back one :o)
Sophie Le perfers to kick it old style with her Diego car!
I have tried EVERYTHING to get Julianne to take a pacifer. EVERYTHING...
Sophie Le doing her part to fund Arkansas scholorships...haha!
Having birthday lunch with Daddy at Chili's. She is pointing out the shirt she picked to wear for daddy's birthday..."Daddy's little angel" That is SO true!
We picked Hillary Ashton up early from school to have birthday lunch with us. That girl LOVES Chili's corn on the cob.
Julianne showing off her two teeth!
Here we are at the park after school one day. I bought that shirt for Sophie Le on her first family day. It says something about adoption being a miracle and at the bottom it says "I am a miracle." So ture!
These two are such good friends...most of the time.
The day after we got the kittens, I brought Princess Lola with me to pick up Hillary Ashton. As you can tell, Hillary Ashton was quite pleased!
This is the night we got the kittens...
Is there anything sweeter that a sleeping baby?
This picture needs no words...
For the record, the answer was...NO!
Hillary Ashton loved her costume so much that she wore it from the store the day we bought it. Such sweet memories!
October 2009 was the wettest October in 21 years here in Arkansas. This is our little creek. It was flowing so fast!
This is a state park up the street from our house. The road, playground and field are all under water.
This field across the street usually has cows...not sure where the cows went.
Oh, those summer days!
I really miss that flower headband :o( Oh where could it be?
On our way to Ethiopia to pick up Miss Julianne!
I took this picture the night before we left for Ethiopia and I probably looked at it a million times during the trip.
Riding bikes.
Hillary Ashton's new bike. I told her that I didn't think that was proper riding attire for Barbie. She told me that she would be fine. Five year olds can be so wise.


Leigh said...

Love, love, love your updates! Great photos! Keep this blog up!!!

Lisa said...

What fun stuff! Such cute pictures!