Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blessings Abound...

When we started the adoption process five years ago, our desire was to adopt a baby. Plan and simple. However, along the way something else wonderful happened...I met some wonderful people that also have a heart for orphans. There is a groups of families that have adopted children that I am a part of. We enjoy getting together for dinner, playdates, etc. My "extra" (foster) kids have always been welcomed at playdates and parties. The other moms have always been quick to push one of the kiddos in the swing or help me carroll them all to the car when I am out-numbered...which is always :o) So all of this to say that I shouldn't have been surprised when they stepped forward this week to help us out with Jonah...but honestly, I was blown-away by their cheerful giving.

Here is Jonah surrounded by "LOVE" from this group of ladies. LOVE for this child that they have never met in person, but have provided for in such a pure and selfless manner.


Thank you ladies!!! You have no idea how much we appreciate the supplies and most of all, your caring hearts!

I wish I could share an unedited pic of sweet Jonah with you guys. He is so cute!!!

Here is his first pic with Santa.

Here is my girl...lovin' her time with Santa :o) And no, I didn't make the two little girls sit with Santa by themselves...I think we did enough damage for one year with the group photo!

Tonight Sophie Le and Hillary Ashton helped me make (or rather begin) Christmas ornaments for their Sunday school teachers (between the four kids, there are TWENTY THREE teachers...and that is just Sunday School teachers...there are also MDO teachers, Choir teachers, Mission Friends teachers and school teachers...WOW!). My kids are definitely blessed in the teacher department :o)

Sophie Le hard at work...

Hill Ash, serious about her job...

Here is one of the finished products...I got the idea off of one of my favorite blogs.

I just love that the girls are able to help with so much of the project.

Last Sunday night, our church had the "Hanging of the Greens" program. It was soooooo great! The kids' chior sang several songs and surprise, surprise...Hillary Ashton was in heaven singing on stage :o) I will have to upload the video for ya. My baby loves to know that...well, you can hear her voice over all of the other kids :o) Haha! That child was born to perform!

Sophie Le watching sissy on stage...

Hillary Ashton

With a couple of her BFFs

Please continue to keep sweet little Jonah and his family in your prayers. I am so amazed at how God has used this tiny baby born into such a horrible situation to touch (and bless) so many people. God has great plans for this little one!