Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009 & A special day in Julianne's history...

December 29, 2008 - Our sweet baby girl was placed in an orphanage in southern Ethiopia. She was a very tiny, sick little baby. I hate that I wasn't there for her, but we didn't know about her at the time. Although we didn't know her, she was covered in prayer each day during this time. She spent the next few months in and out of the hospital getting nursed back to health and learning how to eat. We are so thankful to her Uncle for choosing an adoption plan for her. We can't imagine our life with her. She is a healthy, happy toddler today because of his decision. Praise God!

We had a great time celebrating Christmas with our four little angels this year! This time of the year is so magical!

My parents came to our house to spend Christmas Eve night with us. The girls were so excited to see their grandparents. We got so much rain in Central Arkansas the day before, the interstate was closed so they had to take a few sides roads. Luckily, they made it just in time!

The girls enjoyed opening a few presents Christmas Eve night.
Hill modeling her new gymnastics outfit...
After opening presents, the girls got a quick bath and changed into their Christmas Eve pjs. That is the one present they open from us on Christmas Eve...pjs. Usually I get the Christmas pjs, but this year I decided with year-neutral pjs :o)
Le Le in her pjs
Julianne in her pjs...yes, this was the best pic I could get :o)
We got these pjs while vacationing in Destin this Fall at the Gap Outlet...gotta love a great deal :o)
Of course, the girls wanted to "Christmas Curls" so we got the rollers out.
Then they carefully picked out cookies for Santa...
After much discussion, they finally came up with the perfect combination.
They carefully placed Santa's cookies by the fireplace.
And then Daddy read them the story of our Saviour's birth
And then they wanted to check on the cookies. They asked if maybe they put out too many cookies..."maybe we should eat one each since Santa will be eating cookies at the other houses." Haha...nice try!

Sweet memories!

Come back tomorrow to see Sophie Le's new haircut...it is chin lenght now!!! Sooooooooo adorable :o) The little bitty piggie tails are back :o)


The Jennings said...

Cute pictures. John wanted to "discuss" Santa's cookies too! Ramsey doesn't like sweets so much so he wasn't as into it. Loved all your pictures.


Leigh said...

I need to see the Christmas morning pictures with Sophie Le's curls. Do sponge rollers really work in her hair? Not sure Little Sister could hold still for all that rolling, but if it works I may buy a candy bar and bribe her!!!

Happy New Year!