Friday, December 4, 2009

Here's Sophie Le...

My sweet baby reciting her bible verse and singing a couple songs. These are the days :o)

I wanted to share one funny thing that happened today at the grocery store. I shared it on Facebook today, but I know some of my friends are resisting the pull to the addition known as Facebook and I can respect that :o)

So, I took the three small kids (Sophie Le, Julianne & Jonah) to the grocery store this morning. While we were shopping, a lady first saw Julianne riding in the buggy and said something like, "Oh, she is cute." And then Sophie Le came running back from getting the bananas and she said, "Oh...another one...she's really cute too." About that same time, she noticed the baby carrier in the cart. Jonah was sleeping and his carseat was covered with a blanket. She said, "I've just got to ask...what does the baby look like?" Haha! I can't blame her, I would probably be curious too :o) For the record, he gote a "cute" too :o)

Julianne showed the first signs of jealousy today. As I mentioned before, her carseat is next to Jonah's. We had to load up and run errands three times today and every time we were in the car, she would reach over and snatch all of the blankets off of Jonah and throw them to the side. Then when we got home, she would take every opportunity to snatch his pacifier and hide it....haha. She got some extra holding today and she was happy with that :o)

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Leigh said...

Amazing video Amy!!