Thursday, December 3, 2009

Make-up, Generosity & More videos...

I just have to get this out of the way...
This may quite possibly be the most perfect baby in the world.

Whew, okay. I feel much better now...

Today after school, the big girls were upstairs playing. They were quite for a long time...I should have know something was up :o) I heard them giggling and running into the living room and this is what I saw:
Honestly, my initial feeling was the be upset that the girls got into my make-up bag without permission. I said, "Girls, are you suppose to get into Mommy's things without asking?" And Hillary Ashton said, "No mommy, but we wanted to put on your make-up so we could be beautiful just like you." and Le Le chimed in, "yea mama, you're beautiful." What the heck am I suppose to say to that? Those girls know how to work their mommy.

Hillary Ashton was so proud to tell me that she was also wearing make-up under her arm...haha! Ummm, that would be deodorant baby.

I haven't had the heart to actually look and see what kind of damage occured during their make-over, but I don't guess it really matters :o)

You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.
Winston Churchill

We were blessed today by one of the sweetest people I know, Jamie. She loaned us a ton of cute baby boy clothes for Jonah. Thank you so much Jamie! He is going to look so cute in these outfits!


I have a couple more videos of Miss Hillary Ashton. The first one is of her singing another song she learned at school...My Favorite Day. I just love how much joy this child has in her soul. It just makes my heart happy :o)

The next video is her reciting Psalm 100. As you know, she is in kindergarten and she is a beginner reader. I just LOVE that she is "reading" the bible verse off the paper in the first part of the video :o) Seriously, this child melts my heart. She has been working with Sophie Le to teach her this verse sweet. I will post Le Le's video tomorrow. I just looooove these baby girls! And yes, she likes Julianne's new flower headband as much as mommy does :o)

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