Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rambling about Santa, Christmas Morning & Le's sassy new bob!

Before I get started, I wanted to respond to Leigh's (Hi Leigh) question about sponge rollers :o) Yes, sponge rollers work GREAT on Sophie Le's hair. Like, REALLY GREAT! If I don't wash her hair, the BEAUTIFUL curls will last for at least a week. (Not that I would EVER go that long between baths!) Hillary Asthon's hair doesn't curl very well. Her hair looks cute when she first gets up, but all of the curl is pretty much gone by night one. My girls really enjoy getting their hair curled. They play with the curlers while I curl their hair. I think a candy bar would work great too :o) Btw, I give the girls a bath and curl their hair while it is still wet and they sleep in the curlers.

So, back to Christmas :o)

This is the first year we really mentioned Santa much. I go back and forth with the whole Santa thing. For the last few years, Hillary Ashton has asked A LOT of questions about Santa. Honestly, I usually just try to blow her off :o) I know that the girls know that we celebrate Jesus' birthday at Christmas and the whole Santa thing is just a bonus. So I am not worried about them getting caught up in the Santa aspect and forgetting about the real reason we celebrate. I don't like "lying" to Hillary Ashton about Santa (Sophie Le has NO interest in Santa so no problem there!). Hillary Ashton is at such a critical age right now (5 1/2). She is asking questions about being saved, heaven, hell, Jesus, etc. My greatest fear is that if/when she finds out Santa (in the sense of delivering presents and being alive now) isn't real, she will question whether Jesus is real. Why believe mommy on this one since she "lied" about Santa...ya know? I answer her questions about Santa honestly according to the real person Saint Nicolas, but the whole bit about delivering presents and making toys at the North Pole always leaves me in a tight spot. When she asks specific questions about the logistics of Santa Claus, I usually just ask her what she thinks or tell her that we can look it up online :o) So all of this to say, we decided to make a bigger deal about Santa coming this year that we have in years past. This is the first year we have left cookies and the first year new presents were left by Santa. We really want them to have magical childhood memories :o) I am happy to report that they LOVED the traditions!

We spent Christmas morning and afternoon with my side of the family. We are so blessed to have family that will travel to our home for Christmas :o) It was nice to have the four kiddos at our home for Christmas morning. After we had lunch and packed our bags, we headed to Northeast Arkansas to celebrate with DH's family. Our Internet was down Christmas Day so we weren't able to check on the road conditions before we left. We thought SURELY the roads will be hadn't rained in two days...WRONG! Several highways were still closed so our drive was much longer than usual :o( This whole road closing thing is new to me...does this happen often? I just don't remember having this problem before.

Anyways, here are the pics from Christmas Day.

Hillary Ashton & Daddy reading the "thank you" note from Santa Claus :o)
Hillary Ashton was (and STILL is) beyond thrilled with the make-up kit and Barbie Doll Santa left for her.
Santa got the girls' stockings mixed up and this really threw Sophie Le for a loop :o) She is all about order and keeping things in line :o) That is a nervous smile...haha!
This was Julianne's FIRST Christmas! She was quite puzzeled by the whole present thing at first.
She didn't understand why ALL of the presents weren't hers!
Hillary Ashton was so excited to find "arm make-up" in her make-up kit! Haha! That's deodorant :o)
The girls' presents have been under the tree for a few weeks, but they were not labeled. The idea was to keep them from knowing which presents were for them to encourage them not to peek :o) Well, my big girls are smart...they knew exactly which presents were for them! Haha! Le's were wrapped in Mickey Mouse paper, Hillary Ashton in Charlie Brown paper, Julianne in Santa paper and Jonah in snowman paper.
Julianne really likes my dad :o) I guess you can see where Hillary Ashton gets her whole "closed eye" reaction to flash :o)
That's my mom...she tried to keep Jonah quite during the Christmas morning frenzy :o) Haha! He slept through everything :o) Luckily, the girls didn't mind opening up his presents for him :o)
Applying her mascara, right in the middle of present opening time! Santa got clear smart :o)
Le was in super serious mode while opening presents...all business!
Hillary Ashton opening one of her presents...
Sophie Le coming to help...
Even little sister came to help!
Have you seen these Plasma cars? They are so cool!
Julianne couldn't wait for her turn!
Applying her "under-arm" make-up :o)
Christmas Dinner! Yummy!
That dish to the right is fruit salsa with cinnamon chips (made from flour tortillas). I had it at my cousin's wedding a month ago and it was SOOOOO good. I found the receipe online and was really happy with how it turned out. The girls LOVED it too. I plan on making it again soon.
The cousins at the Mimi and Papa's house
At one point, Julianne's present pile was talling than her :o) By the time Christmas night rolled around, she was WAY into presents :o)
At Neil's parents, presents are opened in rounds. Presents are opened one at a time, in age order. This concept is hard for some kids (Hillary Ashton and Julianne), but right up Sophie Le's ally. She loves order! She was so patient waiting on her turn and always knew when it was her turn :o)
This one doesn't like waiting for her turn :o) Haha!
Each of the girls got tutus with leotards. Big hit!
Aren't these boots the cutest? Hill's cousin Ally got them for Christmas. Hillary Ashton was trying them out :o)

So here it is...the new haircut!!
Before (I don't think you can tell from the picture, but her hair has gotten pretty long)
The back
Little bitty piggies :o)

Hillary Ashton is begging me to get her hair cut too. Daddy is "thinking about it" so stayed turned :o)


Leigh said...

I am gettin' some of those suckers this weekend! I can't wait! I struggle with the idea of cutting DoriGrace's is a little much, already down to her bottom...but it is so pretty. LeLe's cut is DARLING! I'd LOVE to do that to Little Sister. (Like I have a say so anyway...Daddy says "No"!) BESIDES, she COULD.NOT possibly sit still for that...not enough candy bars in America for that one!

Willis said...

Hair cut is cute! I wish my family would go for the "Open one present at a time" idea. I spend weeks picking out the right present, wrapping them, just takes so long. And within 15 minutes it seems like it's all over. I missed getting to see them open their presents.

Heather M. said...

Oh! Her hair looks adorable! I wish Caleigh had some hair to cut! Hers is sooooo fine & grows SOOOO slowly...I don't know if she'll ever have enough hair for a haircut :0
LOVE Christmas Traditions. We believe in Santa, but I've never portrayed him as a real person...just for fun & the ones at the mall & stuff are just helpers for Christmas fun. Jesus was a real person who walked on Earth & IS REAL! She'll get it! The boys do....& they will stand up to anyone who says otherwise!!! Have a wonderful new year!