Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving and Reunion...

Thanksgiving morning, we drove to Northeast Arkansas to spend a few days with my hubby's family. Before we left, I tried to get a few pics of my sweet girls, but 2 out of 3 were NOT interested in having their picture made. Feel free to take a guess at which two I am referring :o)
I quickly gave up on getting a pic of all three girls and decided to try the two big girls. That didn't go much better, but I did get this pic. I love this pic. The look on Sophie Le's face just cracks me up and the hand holding melts my heart.
Sophie Le tried. I can appreciate that :o)
As usual, Hillary Ashton loved having her pic taken. Haha!
I think this may be the last year I will get away with putting baby pig-tails in her hair...
...and putting her in pumpkin tights. This is one of my favorite poses :o) It is called her "beach pose."

Over the last few months, her sweet little dipple has gotten more obvious. She thinks it is cute...and so do I :o)
This was about as good as I could get of Julianne. It looks like she is smiling...she wasn't :o) She really didn't appreciate mommy trying to take pictures of her. Happily smiling or not, she is still pretty darn cute :o) Can you believe how fast her hair is growing?
I got these Babylegs knock-offs at Target for only $2.99...aren't they cute?
On Friday and Saturday, Neil had a FIFTEEN year high school reunion. I didn't realize I married such an old man :o) Haha! He went to a VERY small, private school. I think their were only 23 people in his graduating class! On Saturday, the girls got to visit Daddy's old school. He went to this school from pre-K through 12th grade.

They enjoyed the playgound a lot and wanted to know exactly which things on the playground Daddy used to play on.

I wonder if young Neil had any idea he would be back at his alma mater in fifteen years with three such sweet baby girls?
Daddy with his kindergartener in front of his kindergarten class...
My little Le Le! What a sweetie!
Sophie Le's hair is almost too long to put in pig-buns. I think we need to get her a haircut.
I am telling you, it is impossible to get a pic of Hillary Ashton with her eyes open when I use flash. I just love that she still smiles :o) As you can tell, Sophie Le was my picture baby this day :o)
Julianne yelling to Sophie Le to get ready for a pass...
My future baller?
Yes, I do realize that the flower in her hair is HUGE and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!
This picture was hanging in the gym. Neil's track team won state in 1994. I asked Hillary Ashton if she could find her daddy in the picture and she quickly responded, "Yes, he is on the back row lookin' really grumpy." Haha!
Daddy explained that he was trying to look tough...haha! Good luck with that one, Daddy :o) Gretchen, I think Corey & Neil must have had the same "tough guy" idea...that is Corey next to Neil :o)
A rare pic of the whole fam...
My sweet, sweet little Juicy...I don't think I have ever mentioned her nickname before...Yep, it's Juicy Ju...her sisters gave it to her.
I can't get enough of those big brown eyes!

Our foster baby, Jonah, did SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good last night. Keeping him awake during the day helped so much. So far, he has been a super baby! I wish you could all meet him...he is a little charmer! I never knew a two week old baby could be a charmer...but he is :o)


Sami said...

i think it's adorable that hillary ashton loves to take pictures so much...especially since you used to HATE it and i had tons of pics of the back of your head...and your arm over your face...and your hand in the camera... :)

The Garners said...

You always get such wonderful pictures! That's a sweet family picture of everyone, too! It's hard to get one with everyone it it--at least it is for us!