Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 10 - Baby House & Birthdays

Each week, between Sunday School and "Big Church" we go by each of the kiddos rooms and peek in on them. This morning, when we checked on Sophie Le she was squatted down beside a blanket. The blanket had three babies laid side by side and Sophie Le was holding three bottles. Daddy asked her what she was doing. She excitedly answered, "I'm playing baby house. I am the nanny." "Baby House" is the name we use for Sophie Le's orphanage in Vietnam. Be still my heart.

This afternoon, we celebrated a friend's birthday at the Jump Zone. We had a super fun time!

When we first got there, the girls headed out to play...
After evaluating the situation, Sophie Le decided to stay close to Mommy :o) I tried to get a visual on Hillary Ashton every 10 minutes or so :o) They approach life in very different ways. The funny thing is, Sophie Le may have not been born to me, but we are so similiar in our approach to life...we both tend to be a little shy and cautious. Hillary Ashton, who was born to me is super outgoing and carefree...two traits I will probably never have :o) I wouldn't have it any other way!

I have said this before, but it is sooooo nice having one child that is calm and likes to stay close :o)
I love Hillary Ashton's love of life...she is up for anything!

We were so glad to see a few of our friends...
Tricia and Liam
And brother, Ben...
Sweet little Howie...
Here's the cute little birthday boy, Sam, with his parents...
Just a little sidenote...Sam & Sophie Le are both from the same "baby house" in Vietnam! Who would have ever guessed these two little cuties would travel from the other side of the world to their forever families and end up playing together at the Jump Zone in Arkansas! Crazy!
Adorable little Eli with his mama...
I didn't quite get it, but he has the sweetest smile!

After seeing this picture, I am putting Le's hair in piggie tails tomorrow for sure! She is looking like a big girl!

I'm not sure where Sophie Le got this whole pointing at the camera thing, but she thinks it makes her look super cool :o)

My sweet girls...I am the luckiest mommmy in the world!

Our little foster baby, Jonah, turned TWO months old today!!! He is such a blessing to us. I am taking him to a marathon of doctor visits and tests tomorrow. Please say a little prayer that all of his tests results come back normal.


The Garners said...

Beautiful girls! Sophie Le does look grown up with her hair like that--but it is SOOOO cute on her!! :)

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