Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 11 - MRI, Zoo & Blog List...

PRAISE GOD for the WARM weather today!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sunshine!!!

This morning, I dropped all of my sweet girls off at school and then Jonah and I headed back to the doctor. After last week, I was really dreading today. I am happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised today :o) We met with the doctor AND had an MRI (in a different building) and got out of there in 3 hours and 45 minutes...whoo hoo! Jonah did AMAZING! I know I tell you all of the time that he is a good baby, blah, blah, blah, but he REALLY is! Like perfect :o) On a normal day, he eats at about 6 a.m. and then a big bottle at 8:30 a.m. and then a normal bottle around 11:30 a.m. He has never been denied a bottle. This morning he had to fast for his MRI. No food after 6 a.m. I gave him a regular bottle at 5:45 a.m. and he got a little fussy at 8:30 a.m. and around 11:45 a.m. when the nurse was trying to get his blood pressure...that's it! I was so proud of him!


And if that wasn't enough, he did the MRI test WITHOUT sedation! I prayed and prayed that he wouldn't have to be sedated, but totally expected that he would. That sweet, sweet baby just let me rock him to sleep and the nurses strapped him into the machine and he slept through the entire test...30 minutes! Have you ever had an MRI? I hadn't and didn't know what to expect. He was slid into the circular machine and for 30 minutes while incredibly loud sounds repeated over and over. The sounds were in 2-5 minute intervals and sounded like home security alarms, machine guns, woodpeckers, car alarms, bull horns, etc... Jonah and I were both wearing ear plugs, but it was still VERY loud. He fidgeted a couple times right and first and the nurse brought in the i.v. needles to sedate him and I asked if they would give it one more shot and they did and he did AMAZING! Yea!

Afterwards, we headed to Panera Bread to have lunch with my sweetie :o) I had a tomato and mozzarella sandwich with garden vegetable soup...YUMMY!

Oh, I forgot to add, Jonah has gained six ounces since his doctor's visit last week :o)

My sweetie decided to take the afternoon off and we picked up the girls and headed to the zoo.

My family...thank you, God!

Check out the frozen waterfall at the Tiger exhibit! The ice was a bigger hit than the animals...haha!

Le Le with her daddy



The girls really liked the frozen water...haha! That's what you come to the zoo to see, right?

I am LOVIN' the piggies :o) I got my baby back :o)

We had the zoo to ourselves this afternoon (with the exception of two couples), it was so nice to let the girls run!

Soon, Ju Ju will be running with them!

I don't know what it is about this statue, but the girls always ask to have their picture made with it...weird kids...haha!

See that neon green "bracelet" on her arm? She got it at the birthday party yesterday (it was not a is on of those paper bracleets that prove you've paid admission, etc...) and insisted on wearing it to school today. Her teacher asked her if she had been to the doctor...haha!

This one is a little stinker! She says things like, "Ouch, I fell on my butt" and "Dang it, the giraffes aren't out today." Where does she learn such things? Really, it isn't from us! It doesn't help that bystanders laugh and tell her how cute she is for saying things like this!

My beautiful baby!

We got to see the otters getting fed today. The otters are my favorites!

Le said, "Ooh, they are eating fish food. That's really gross!" Haha!

Sweet baby Jonah cuddled in and took a long nap! I am really gonna miss this little boy...a lot.

Juicy was happy to see that the restaurant is Cafe Africa...

The girls loved watching the ducks "ice skate" across the pond...

For the locals...the new elephant house is complete!

We had a fun, fun day! I hope it's warm again tomorrow!!!

I am keeping this daily blog so I can look back and see how we spent our days in 2010 so I just want to document one more thing :o) The girls decided to all sleep together in one room tonight. Julianne in her crib and the big girls in the full bed in Julianne's nursery. Who needs a big house? Haha! I am so thankful my girls are such good friends and I hope they always will be!

I just noticed that my blog list is GONE from the side of my blog! Oh no! I am going to redo the list this week. If you don't mind, please leave your blog address in the comment section so I can add it :o)


The Jennings said...

Loved all your pictures! Love that you are blogging everday. I can't wait to see what yall have been up to each day!

Thanks for all the comments you leave me!


The Garners said...

The warm weather was so refreshing today! Cute pictures of a fun day.

I laughed about your sweet girl saying the things like "dang it", etc.! ha ha Don't they pick up on everything--good AND not so good! Alexee has told me several times, "You're making me CRAZY!" (I have no idea where she heard that!) :)

The Garners said...

We love Panera...and I always order the tomato mozz. and veg soup! Yum!

NHP said...

Love all your pictures. I can only add two at a time, can you add more at the same time??

Have a great week,


Julie said...

I love that you are blogging everyday. And of course the bonus of pictures of your cuties!!!

Glad the MRI went well. I've had one and it wasn't fun so I can't even imagine what the little guy thought of it.

Willis said...

God is so amazing. I can just see His mighty angels' wings around your sweet boy keeping him calm and asleep during his scan. MRI's are VERY loud. The fact that he slept through it and did not need sedation was a miracle.

Willis said...


alexis said...

I am loving being able to read your blog every day! I wish I would have done that, as it is I have posted in for-ever!!