Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12 - Anna's Story, Tooth & Birthdays...

I just got home and it's late so this post will be short and sweet :o)

I have been meaning to post this video for awhile and keep forgetting. It is PRECIOUS...really precious!! In the video, this little girl, Anna, tells her adoption story. She was adopted from China through Sophie Le's adoption agency.

One of Julianne's top, front teeth is poking through!!!! Whoo hoo!! This is HUGE! She is almost nineteen months old and doesn't have any top teeth yet :o) I can't tell you how happy this mama is to know that there are teeth in there!

This evening, my amazing hubby took the three girls to a princess birthday party while Jonah & I went to eat with a few friends (Vietmoms). I will just add that he volunteered to take the girls for me so I could go out to eat...AND he took pics :o)

Here are my princesses waiting in the car for daddy to get there...

My Sophie Le...LOVE this child!

Daddy said she really liked the water table tonight :o)

I love this picture...Sophie Le looks so little!

Cinderella talking to Cinderella...

Quick smile for daddy...

Sophie Le hard at work...

Daddy said she was building "the new house" (that's what she calls our house)

Perfect replica :o)

Cute birthday cake...

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Willis said...

I bet that girl telling her adoption story is grown up by now. I remember when we started our adoption process back in 2006 watching her on one of Dillon's DVD's. She was so cute.