Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 13 - Fabric, Books & Haiti

Wednesday nights are always late nights for us so I decided to post a little early today :o) I know I have mentioned this many times before, but I am so thankful for our church. On Wednesday nights, the girls love going to choir and mission friends. Each week when I pick them up, they love singing me new songs they learned or telling me about the missionaries they learned about and how we can help them :o) I am so thankful they have such giving, helpful hearts. Of course, I don't want my babies to grow up, but I am excited to see what plans God has for their lives.

This morning, the little kiddos & I went to pick up a THIRD round of antibiotics for Sophie Le. She has been having some skin issues for a few months and it is really uncomfortable for her. It breaks my heart. We are praying that this round will take care of the problem. A big "boo" for the new year in regards to having to meet our prescription deductible again! Her 10 day supply was $105 this morning. Ugg!

We also went to Hobby Lobby for new fabric :O) I just LOVE making outfits for the girls and they are at an age where they think it's cool too :o) I am sure that will change in the near future...haha!

So in the spirit of documenting is the fabric :o) haha! I love this one because it reminds me of the fabric I used to make Sophie Le's bedding...
I am not crazy about this fabric, but Sophie Le thought it was "so cool." Who can resist that? I think it will make a cute Valentine's outfit...we'll see :o)

Growing up, I did not enjoy reading at all. But I do now! My friend Tricia let me borrow this book over the weekend.
I am just getting started, but so far I am really enjoying it. Thanks Tricia!

Since we are talking books, I wanted to share this one with you too :o)
I read it recently and I LOVED it.

I am sure you have all heard about and seen the devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti. It is beyond horrible. We looked into adopting from Haiti for our last adoption, but their adoption laws make the process VERY long. However, after our research Haiti has never been far from our hearts or minds. It is an extremely poverty stricken close to our country. Our first adoption agency sent out this email this morning:

We are so very saddened by the tragedy that has hit Haiti! We have learned from Gladys Thomas, the Director of Dillon’s Programs in Haiti, that the Children’s Village and Hope Hospital are okay. There has been some flooding, one of the walls on a building collapsed, and many people are gathering in this location but otherwise all is well. The Village (orphanage home) has food but the children are scared.

There will be many people throughout the Haitian community that will continue to come to Hope Hospital looking for care…it is already very full with earthquake victims.

The great need right now is gasoline to run the generators. If you are interested in helping provide aid to the children and people of Haiti please click the link below. We are able to get the funds directly to Gladys and the funds will be put immediately to use.

Please check the Dillon International website periodically for updates on this situation.

I know prayers are needed for sure, but if you are also looking for a tangible way to help, this would be a great one.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday! Keep the blog sites coming, I am hoping to have my list up this week. Also, if you are doing the 365 post challenge this year, let me know because I am putting those in a separate category :o)


Tricia said...

I love that you sew. I have no idea where you get the time but it is wonderful. Do you have our blog address?
Enjoy your day.

Heather M. said...

The fabric is darling! Hope this round of antibiotics works....we've had to go thru a couple to attack an ear infection. It is so very sad about Haiti. Hopefully the U.S. can lend a lot of aid...