Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 14 - Celebrating the little things...

We have a lot to celebrate today at our house...

Julianne's top right tooth is completely poked through :o) She is going to look like a big girl when both of her top teeth come in! Of course I didn't get a pic of the tooth...this one isn't the most compliant child :o)

Hillary Ashton got to do her very first stunt at Cheer class tonight. That child was on cloud nine. On the way home, she filled me in on how we were going to practice the stunt when we got home..,
"Daddy will be the base because he has nice, strong legs like me."
"Mommy, you will hold my waist."
"I will be on the top because I am the cheerleader."
Haha! When we got home, daddy was critiqued on his form, but luckily he caught on pretty quickly and Hillary Ashton couldn't have been happier :o)

Jonah played with a toy for the first time today!!!!! So adorable. I put a little orange elephant on his carseat over the weekend and he hadn't really paid it much attention. Today during MDO, I went to visit him in his class and he was holding onto the tag of the elephant and moving it around. I started talking to him about how smart he was and he started smiling his amazing smile.

And probably the biggest celebration came from Sophie Le today...

She learned to open the refrigerator...all by herself! She is beyond thrilled about this :o) Today on our way to pick up Hillary Ashton, she kept saying how she couldn't wait to tell sissy that she could open the frig door all by herself. Hillary Ashton got one foot in the car and Sophie Le was telling her all about it :o) Hillary Ashton was soooo sweet and kept telling her how cool that was and how she couldn't wait to see her do it when we got home :o) The excitement continued when Daddy got home. Chances are, if you come to our house anytime soon, you will probably get to see her in action :o) She loves to practice...haha!

Here she goes...

Ta da!

One other thing that just melted my heart today...

Our girls use the terms "peach, light brown and dark brown" to describe races.

Hillary Ashton - "I love that Jonah is dark brown. Dark brown babies are really cute. "
Sophie Le - "I love that me and mommy are light brown. We are like twins."


Lisa said...

What a sweetheart that little Sophie Le is!

Jason and Erin said...

Loston always brags that he's the "brownest in our family, except Anya and Uncle LaMonte". He's so proud!