Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 19 - Jonah update, Playin' with My girls & Haitian Orphans

Day 19 has been a LONG day...

This morning Jonah had his PACE(Project for Adolescent and Child Evaluation)appointment. All foster kids in our state are required to have testing done to evaluate their medical, psychology and speech-language pathology development. The little girls and I dropped him off on our way to MDO. It was the first time Jonah has been out of our care since he came home from the hospital.
I probably checked the clock a hundred times waiting for the lady to bring him to the church...and his appointment only lasted 2 hours :o) When she dropped him off, she gave me his evaluations. I got him into the church and unfolded the piece of paper...I WAS SO ANGRY when I read the IQ/Cognitive score. How in the WORLD do you evaluate a two month old baby in this area? Just to set the record straight, as the primary caregiver of this child for the last two months...Jonah is SMART...really smart :o) I called my friend who has been involved with DHS for awhile and she said that she thought the score is more based on his parents than on him. That made me feel a little better, but still the question I have is this: Why is this precious, innocent, charming, smart baby not evaluated based on his own merit? This PACE appointment wasn't for his parents...it was for HIM! If he is too young to be accurately evaluated...then put THAT on the form! I just can't stand the thought of my perfect baby being labeled already. UGGGGG! Okay, I am off of my soap box...for now.

The GREAT, AWESOME, WONDERFUL news is that his MRI came back NORMAL!!! Thank you for all of your prayers :o) Another "problem" he had a birth that I didn't even know about has also resolved itself :o) Soooooooo thankful for this news!!!!

After school we had a wonderful time playing outside in the warm weather :o)
This child almost never puts her shoes on the right foot...and I love that :o)
The joy in Julianne just amazes me! It is hard to believe what a difference a year makes.
A year ago, she was in and out of the hospital fighting for her life. She is a STRONG little girl!
Her expressions crack me up.
This child is a mess!
A BIG mess :o)
A big, happy mess :o)
I just LOVE her little freckles!
Sophie Le has taken to the roll of big sister wonderfully :o)
I think her little sister kinda likes her :o)
The funny thing is they are only one size apart in clothes...big sister better start growing or little sister is going to pass her :o) Although, mama does not encourage growing...haha!
That face...LOVE it!
What a little cheeser...

I'm not sure who likes the playground more...the girls or the kittens :o)
They are so spunky...
I just cannot believe how good they are with the girls!
We checked on our tadpoles this afternoon, but couldn't find any...
Hillary Ashton hunted for frogs...no luck today :o( All we found was worms...looking forward to this spring :o)
This picture melts my heart...sweet sisters :o)

Another marathon picture day :o)

Have you seen the news about the Hatian orphans getting cleared to come home to their adoptive families in the US? So awesome that they are choosing to cut the red tape so these kiddos can get the loving and security they deserve. I have seen rumors that more orphans may be coming to the USA in a similar fashion as Operation Babylift (babies brought to the US from Vietnam in 1975). Could something like that really end up happening? Would you be open to providing a home to an orphan from Haiti? I personally think it is a great idea...shocker, huh?


Unknown said...

I am glad someone is talking about this. I heard about the orphans from haiti, and personally know of a dozen families in just our church alone that would take in a an orphan or two. I think its a wonderful idea! Right now, the government in Haiti says PAP's have to be age 35 or older...do you think that will change now? What regulations will apply if the orphans are brought here? Being 23 years old, this is significant for me. Just thought I'd ask, since you mentioned it. ;)

Leigh said...

You are doing so good with your posting! I'm proud of you and I'm lovin' all the pictures!

I'm glad the medical news was good for the little man. He's in my prayers. I'm so thankful the Lord matched him with your family...it will make such a difference for him...no matter how long you have him!

Heather M. said...

Wonderful pictures & such a pretty day! I am so looking forward to Spring!! Bring it on! Good news for baby boy! Sorry about the red-tape governmental junk tho. I have been keeping up with the Haiti news as well....following along...waiting to see what happens.

Heather M.
LOVE your kittens! Wish my boys weren't allergic :(

Neil, Amy and The Girls said...

Tara, I really wish I knew details, but I haven't read/heard anything except that it is a possibility. I would hope they would lower the age limit :o) I think it's great that you are interested in adopting...it is truly a blessing!

Unknown said...

Thank you for writing back! Your blog is such an encouragement and inspiration to me!
I'm praying for the orphans- I know God has a plan!
Thanks again!
Tara Neal