Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2 - Fun times with the girls (and boy!)

We started our day with another good breakfast. Is there anything better than a complimentary breakfast at the hotel :o)

After breakfast, we decided to see how close we could get to George W. Bush's new house in Dallas. We googled his address and headed out...
Turns out...we couldn't get very close :o)
Actually, we could have followed a car into the neighborhood (which I think is not much more than a street), but we read online that Bush bought the house next to his (it is around 4800 SF) for his secret service. I am guessing the security is probably pretty tight on Daria Place!

So we decided to drive around looking at houses. This is one of our FAVORITE past times. In fact, our VERY FIRST date was looking at houses :o) Neil was buying his first house in Little Rock and invited me to come along. Afterwards we went out to eat and then to the movies. The house he bought ended up being our first house.

Here are a few of our favorites from the day...
Hillary Ashton and I are suckers for the circular castle towers!
Really, a huge tree like this is way cooler to me than a huge fancy house...

We drove the girls (and boy) downtown to see all of the tall buildings...boy were they impressed...haha. They did like this house a lot...
Hillary Ashton asked it this house was the North Pole...haha! I asked her "why?" and she said because Santa parked his sleigh up on the roof.

They also liked seeing these "little bitty guys" taking down the wreath. Haha.
To be fair, the guys did look like ants up there!

After lunch, we headed to a park. We love coming to Texas because they have sooooo many parks. We usually just drive around looking at houses until we see a good park, pull over and let the kids play for awhile and then drive around some more. Pretty exciting, huh?
Daddy's arms are just the right length to push two sweet babies!
I just LOVE how animated kids are!
I often think of Sophie Le being much older than she is. She has always seemed much more mature than her age. When I see pictures like this, it reminds me that she is still very much a baby. My little baby.
She smiled just like this when she was a baby!
I just can't believe how fast she is growing up!

Guess who's getting TOOTH NUMBER FIVE?!?!? Whoo hoo!
I have to work REALLY hard to get pictures of this one.
But not this one...I could literally follow her around with a camera everyday and she would be thrilled!
No matter what she's doing, it I pull out the camera she starts smiling!
To be fair, she is usually smiling anyway :o)

Sophie Le

Tonight we went to eat at our family's FAVORITE restaurant...The Blue Goose. We eat here everytime we come to town...sooooo yummy! Any restaurant that brings you homemade chips and homemade tortillas as soon as you set down is hard to beat!
How sweet is this? That girl love her daddy.

We stopped by the mall on the way back to the hotel and Hillary Ashton finally found some "Twinkle Toes" by sketcher in her size. She was so excited! She had to wear them out of the store and make sure everyone saw her shoes light up as she passed :o)
When we got back to the hotel, she told me that I probably needed to take a picture of her and her new shoes...haha! She knows her mama well!
The lady that sold them to us is from Vietnam! Her last name is Le just like our little Sophie Le :o) She told us that Sophie Le doesn't look Vietnamese. She thought she looked like she was from Cambodia.

Yipee! I made it through Day 2 of my challenge to post everyday in 2010. Tomorrow will probably be a little tougher since we are driving back to Arkansas, but I will do my best :o)

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Those are some really cool shoes!