Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 21 - Foster Care & Pizza

The most common comment I get about foster care is: "How can you give the child up? I could never do that."


I really don't know how to answer that question. The truth is HARD. REALLY hard. I was a basket case when Little Man left at the beginning of the Summer. Honestly...I still get choked up if I talk about him. I miss him dearly! Sophie Le and Hillary Ashton use to talk Little Man EVERYDAY after he left...for months. They loved him too.

A friend of mine that fostered for years told me that "if your heart breaks when they leave, you did what you were suppose to do."


I am so thankful that all of my girls have been so open and accepting of every child we have brought into our home. It is an answered prayer. The older girls have a really good understanding of the difference between foster care and adoption, especially for their age. However, I am beginning to wonder how well they will handle the day when Jonah leaves our home. It could be years down the road. They are all so smitten with this precious little baby.


A few days ago, I had to buy new toothbrushes for the girls. I will spare you the story of WHY I had to buy new're welcome...haha :o) Anyways, the pack of toothbrushes I bought the girls was a four pack. When we got home, I let each of the girls pick the color they wanted. Sophie Le picked blue (her fave color), Hillary Ashton picked pink (surprise, surprise) and Julianne picked red. There was one toothbrush orange one. Hillary Ashton said, "Let's save the orange toothbrush for our next foster kid." I just love that at age 5, foster care is just part of her world :o)

Speaking of toothbrushes, guess who's getting tooth number SIX?!?!? Yippee!

Sophie Le LOVES putting on bibs :o) She doesn't wear them when she eats, just around the house...haha! This afternoon, she decided to wear Jonah's bib. Is she doing some surfer sign?

We decided to pick up pizza for dinner tonight since Hillary Ashton had cheer practice (and the fact that our family LOVES pizza). We aren't normally big fans of Domino's, but I recently saw a commercial advertising their new sauce and new crust. Let me just tell you...IT IS REALLY GOOD :o) Sooooo much better than it used to be. I might have eaten four pieces...okay, it was five :o)


Leigh said...

You even strap the pizza in??? Oh My...You are SUCH a MOM!!!

Emy said...

Thanks for sharing about foster care. It is something we are considering, so I appreciate your honesty! :o)

We did not like dominoes either, so now I can't wait to try it!

Lisa said...

I'm so sad the old Domino's sauce is gone. :( But I'm glad you like it!

Willis said...

Our church is getting involved in a faith based foster care program. I've been praying about it. It all comes down to my husband. Help me pray he wil respond the right way.

Heather M. said...

I could foster, but my husband could not. He would be the man standing at the door with a gun when they came to take the baby....well, maybe not a gun, but you get the picture! I'm proud there are families who can offer up their homes & hearts to foster babies! I am sure it is such a blessing! Cute pictures as always!!!

Tricia said...

Love the photos of Hillary Ashton and sweet baby Jonah. You have the biggest heart. I totally agree with your friend. When I worked at Youth Home (in-patient psychiatric facility for youth) I felt the same way - if their stories always made me feel raw and punched in the gut - that is way it should be. Gotta be real for the kiddos.
Love you.

Neil, Amy and The Girls said...

@Leigh - I can't believe you noticed that! Haha! Gotta protect the supper :o)

@Emy & Heather W.- You should so do it!! The great thing about foster care is that you can do as much or as little as you feel comfortable. If you aren't ready for full blown foster care, you could start with respite care. They watch kids for a night or week while their foster families are out of town or while DHS is trying to find a family for them. You can also set very specific parameters for the type of case you are comfortable with. We got involved through "The Call" It is also a faith-based organization whose goal is to get Christian families licensed. Do it!! Heather, you have been in my prayers for months!

@Heather M - believe me, this has crossed my mind :o)

@Tricia - you have to most interesting work history. I sooo wish I would have gone into social work!

@Lisa - Happy Family Day!