Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 27 - A long, boring story about a swing...

Back in the summer (actually the day before we left for Ethiopia to pick up Julianne), we bought a new house. It was crazy trying to pack for the trip while also packing up our house for the move! After a month or so, we realized we left a few items in the attic of our "old house." One of the items was Hillary Ashton's baby swing. I say "Hillary Ashton's" because Sophie Le wanted NOTHING to do with that swing when she was a baby :o) In fact, if I even walked toward it with her in my arms, she went into super death grip/scream mode :o) Ah, those were the days...haha! Attachment is an experience :o)

So back to the swing. We called the new owners and asked if we could swing by and pick it up. The husband said "No problem. I will sit it outside for you." So for several weeks, we drove by every few days to pick it up...but it was never outside. This was during the month of August. We drove past the "old house" a couple times during September and October but no swing.

Besides the possibility of picking up the swing, the girls' reaction was a big reason we liked to drive by the "old house" :o) It always cracks me up. I say "old house" because that is what the girls call it. They usually go into a crazy rant when we talk about or drive by the "old house." "We don't like the old house. I don't want to go to the old house. We only like the new house." Yep, after seven months, we are still living at "the new house." Daily, I hear that phrase! Honestly, their strong dislike for the "old house" has always baffled me. I always liked it :o)

So anyways, this morning after I dropped Hillary Ashton off at school, I decided to drive by the "old house." This was the first time I have been by in several months. GUESS WHAT!!! The swing was sitting by the trashcan in the driveway! I was sooooooo excited because just this week I have been wishing we had a swing for Jonah :o) Sometime within the last week, somebody somewhere taught him to cry! It usually only happens if you put him down :o) Or if we are riding in the car :o) He likes the swing at church so I was hoping for "down time" at home :o)

So I went up to the door and rang the doorbell, but no one answered. I couldn't help myself...I HAD to peek in the side window by the door. What I saw shocked me...

The new owners painted the walls...ORANGE!!! Not a pretty designer orange...just plain ole' ORANGE! The walls are over 20 feet tall so that is a lot of ORANGE! AND the floors are cherry colored...hummmm. Just HAD to share that :o) I sure hope they don't read our blog...haha! I can't believe how much time we wasted painting the entire house within the last year to get it ready to sale. When picking out colors, I would have never thought the new owners would be partial to orange :o)

So I walked down the sidewalk to the swing and picked it up...water poured out...and an orange liquid spilled out...haha...just realized it was orange too! So obviously, the swing has been sitting outside for awhile :o( I tried to turn it on...nothing. I still loaded it into the car and started driving home. I then got aggravated with myself for picking up this broken swing that obviously is junk now! What in the world am I going to do with this thing? I will sit in our crowded garage...FOREVER!

I stopped by Wal-Mart and picked up some new batteries and hoped for the best...

Well, what do you know...IT STILL WORKS!!! Even the music!!! I threw the cover in the washer and cleaned up the frame...good as new :o)

And the best thing...

Jonah LOVES it!!! Ah! Sweet success :o)
He is definitely in need of a little attention :o)
I have no idea why I shared that incredibly long story about the swing! I guess I need to take more pictures tomorrow...haha!

This morning, we had our quarterly visit with our foster care social worker (not Jonah's caseworker) and I totally forgot to ask her about Haiti. Have any of you heard rumors about Haitian orphans entering the US and being placed with foster families?

We had church tonight and me and my littlest girl decided to have a mini-date :o) I picked her up 45 minutes early and we had suckers, played hide-n-seek, sang songs and played in the church's playroom while the other kiddos were in their classes. We had so much fun!! She is such a sweet, happy baby girl. I have no idea how I got soooooo lucky!

Also, there is suppose to be an adoption story in the Arkansa Democrat today. A reporter called a few weeks ago and we talked briefly on the phone. The story is about another family that adopted and I think she was going to mentioned something about our girls. We don't subscribe to the newspaper so if anyone has a copy they are done with, we would like to have it :o) Thanks!


Kelly said...

Amy I read the story and it was interesting. I think I still have it.

Unknown said...

About the Haitian orphans coming to the US: I caught this on youtube, and thought you might like to see it! ;)

Unknown said...
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Neil, Amy and The Girls said...

@Kelly - Thanks! I would love to see it.

@Tara - Thanks for sharing the video...what a great story!