Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 28 - Room for one more...

First of all, have you heard about the kiddos they brought to Pittsburgh from a Haitian orphanage? Here is a video that shows the ladies that run the orphanage (sisters in their low 20s!!!) bringing the babies to the US (thanks Tara for sharing!). I am so inspired by people like Ali and Jamie McMutrie that are living out their dreams...awesome!

Click here to watch the video about the Haitian orphans (the embed option has been disabled).

Living your dreams...that reminds me of one of my FAVORITE lives in Uganda and is beyond incredible...her life is pretty unbelievable! If you have a few extra minutes, you should stop by her will be glad you did :o)

We had a great day today :o) I am usually pretty grumpy about winter weather, but NOT today :o) Because of the impending ice storm, Daddy got to come home a day early...yipee!! And he brought home dinner...he is the best!

For those of you keeping track, we have confirmed sightings of tooth #7 AND #8 for Miss Julianne! Whoo hoo!!

It may seem crowded...
But there's always room for one more :o)
That pretty much sums up our family motto :o) Haha!!


Tricia said...

I love your family motto!

Leigh said...

I LOVED the swing story. That is right up my alley!

I looked at your pictures today and didn't even realize that little man was in there with his signature "heart face"...he was just blending into the bedding for me. LOL. Guess it is getting late....

Unknown said...

You're Welcome!!