Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3 - We're home!

This morning on our way to church, we stopped to get gas. We pulled up to the tank and hubby said "hey, look at that car next to's a Bently." I am not into cars, so I guess my expression wasn't worthy of a Bently :o) He added, "that car costs $300,000." I guess he thought I needed more convincing so he added, "Kim Kardashian drives a Bentley." Hahahaha! I can't believe my hubby knows what kind of car Kim Kardashian drives! I always knew he liked "Keeping Up the Kardashians!"

So here it is...

I can't believe someone would pay that much for a car!! No offense to any of you that have $300K cars :o) I can think of plently of other ways to spend that kind of money.

We enjoyed a great service at our favorite church away from church home, Prestonwood. The preacher there is Jack Graham and he is amazing! The church is HUGE, but the people there are so nice and welcoming. We haven't been there since Julianne came home so this was our first time dropping off four kiddos. I was a little nervous because we have been known to get a little (a lot) lost in their huge facility. Luckily, we dropped all four off (in THREE different buildings) and made it the service with minutes to spare! Truly a miracle! When we dropped off Jonah, he was in his carseat with a blanket over the handle. When we picked him up the workers were laughing about how shocked they were when they uncovered him after we left. I would have LOVED to have seen their expressions!

No matter how much fun you have on a vacation (or mini-vacay), it is soooo nice to get home! Tonight as we got to town, snow began to fall which thrilled the girls to no end. Their squeals from the backseat almost made me happy to see the winter weather. Almost...but not quite! I do NOT like cold all. I don't necessary hate snow, but in Arkansas we rarely get snow...usually ICE. I HATE ice. It is suppose to be super cold this week...getting down to NINE on Friday night. Burrrrr! I can't wait for Spring!!

Since we were on the road almost all day today, I didn't take any pictures of the girls (and boy) so here are a few from last Thursday. Hillary Ashton got a new "Easy Bake Maker." Yep, an Easy Bake MAKER. She insisits it is called a Maker, not a Baker :o) She was so excited to make daddy a surprise for when we got home from work!

My Happy little Maker
Silly girl with the "pan pusher"
Waiting on the cake to bake
Looks Yummy...haha!
She insisted on feeding daddy with the spatula :o)

I can't believe she is going back to school tomorrow! The second half of Kindergarten! Where does the time go? A few days ago, she kept saying she didn't want to go back to school. She just wanted to "stay home with mommy." LOVE IT! However, as of yesterday she can't wait to go back so she can wear her new "Twinkle Toes!" Haha!

Here are a few recent pics of our foster baby, Jonah. This baby is a DREAM!! When you talk to him, he just smiles and smiles. There is nothing sweeter than his smile. He is such a charmer!
Is that not the cutest smile???
I just love this little boy!!

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Jamie said...

Loving your daily posts, Amy! Your kids are so precious and y'all are such a WONDERFUL parents!

Had to laugh about Neil knowing what kind of car "Kim" drives--that's funny!