Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 8 - Easy Days & TGIF...

Easy there anything better? The only errands/outings we HAD to do today was taking Hill Ash to school and picking her up...ahhh! Love it! The pantry is getting a little low, but when it is in the 20s outside nothing seems that necessary :o) As long as we have diapers and formula, we can make do :o)

When I drop Hillary Ashton off each morning and watch her walk into the building, I am amazed at how small she looks. At home she is a big kid, but at school she is one of the little kids :o) Almost every morning, she ends up walking in with a buddy. She either runs up to catch up with someone or someone runs up to catch up with her. Really, reallly sweet. I just really admire how easily she makes friends.


I also love that she has a neon green backpack! I can ALWAYS pick her out of a crowd!

The girls and I decided to break the Wii Fit out of the box today and give it a try...

I thought we would just put in the game and "play"...WRONG. I was informed of my BMI, weight, my Wii Fit age and the fact that apparently I don't have very good balance. Seriously...the game asked me if I find myself tripping often. How the heck does the game know that??? Haha! I really am quite clumsy :o) True or not, I was not looking for this type of analysis on my fun, lazy day at home :o) Luckily, once we got past all of the judgemental parts, we had lots of fun hula hooping, running and doing yoga :o)

Yes, Hillary Ashton is already in her "shoe pants." I gave Sophie Le the choice of getting dressed or staying in her pjs today and she chose pjs. When I went to pick up Hillary Ashton, she was so jealous that the little girls got to wear their pjs allday :o) She is a girl all about comfort! She had her uniform off and was changed into her pjs in record time when we got home :o)

My hula hoop girls...

My beautiful baby girl...
Btw, this is what her hair looks like if I don't fix it :o) Still pretty cute, don't you think?

This girl has some attitude :o) I like attitude!

Le was very serious about her wii fit :o)


She won!!

A little game of Go Fish...



Haha, she ALWAYS opens her mouth like this when I get out the camera :o) I love that!

I know I am biased, but isn't she beautiful?

You know what? She Knows it :o)

So excited that today is FRIDAY!!!!!!!! We are having one of my favorite meals tonight...Baked potato soup and watching a movie I picked up at Redbox this afternoon. I HEART Redbox!



Emy said...

I love that you're doing the everyday blogging! :o)

I totally HEART redbox too!!! We tried to get that same movie tonight too, but it was sold out. G-Force for us. :o)

Heather M. said...

All of your girls are so beautiful & so "heart happy" as I call it! It just shines in all of your pictures! LOVE THEM! Sweet! LOVE PJ Days! They are the best. I don't have the Wii it hard?? I would hate to see what my stats would be! :0

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