Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9 - Winter snow & Trouble...

A few weeks ago, one of my friends sang the song "Winter Snow" at church. The song is by Chris Tomlin & Audrey Assad. I had never heard it before, but after hearing it one time became on of my favorite songs! It is BEAUTIFUL. Really beautiful. If you have a couple extra minutes, here is the video...

This morning, my sweet hubby tried out the Wii Fit :o) We have been married for seven years and I have NEVER seen him move like he did this morning...haha! That man can hula hoop like nobody's business! I should have taken a picture, but I think I was in shock :o) We each set a weight loss goal...five pounds in the next two weeks. If we succeed, I will let you know :o)

I prefer to take pictures using natural light so I don't have many to share from today. I am really looking forward to warmer weather so we can play in the sunshine (and I can take pictures of my little princesses)!

We were pretty much stuck inside all day except for a grocery run...we just couldn't put it off any longer. I usually go during the week, but it has been too cold. I am a big wimp when it comes to cold weather. We had to use TWO CARTS at the grocery store today! Goodness, when did we become that family?

I did take a couple pics of my little Juicy Ju after her bath tonight...I am starting to get a little nervous about these feisty little girls turning into teenagers one day. I think I may be in big trouble!
Luckily at this age, we can go from the above attitude to the one below in about less than five seconds!
I LOVE freshly bathed babies!!

We got another Redbox movie for tonight :o) A few months ago, Redbox started adding older movies. Tonight we rented Stand By Me...can you believe I've never seen that movie? Btw, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was GREAT! We will probably buy that one!


Tricia said...

Nothing better than a baby fresh out of the bath. Beautiful girl.

Lisa said...

Beautiful song! Thanks for sharing.