Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 33 - 100 Days & Baby Daddy...

Today after MDO, the little kids & I ran a few errands before picking up Hillary Ashton from school. First we ran by Belk's because Clinque Bonus Time started today :o)

Whoo hoo! LOVE free bonus time :o)

Next we stopped by Target to buy some diapers and onesies for Jonah. Our cashier asked an interesting question today...

Cashier: looking at Julianne..."Where is her daddy?"
Me: "Umm, he is at work."
I then proceeded to slide my debit card. Honestly, I was a little perplexed by his question and I responded...
Me: "Are you asking because she is brown?"
Cashier: "Yes."
Me: "Oh, okay."
I then told him that she was born in Ethiopia and we adopted her. And then while looking at Julianne, he said...
Cashier: "Girl, your brown."

I have had a lot of interesting conversations regarding my kiddos while out shopping and this one definitely makes the list :o)

I am thinking he asked because he was trying to figure out if my "baby daddy" was brown like Julianne, but what if he was...how would asking WHERE he was get the correct information out of me? Haha!

Today Hillary Ashton celebrated 100 days of school! Wow, times flies! After school today, I asked her to come to outside so I could take a couple pics of her. Of course, she agreed...she LOVES getting her picture taken :o)

She thought this face was so "cool"
I just LOVE her sweet little dimples!!
While I was taking this picture, her little sister Sophie Le was up to no good...
She locked us out!!
The little girls' faces crack me up! I can just imagine what is going through their sweet little heads :o)
For some reason, Sophie Le just couldn't get the door unlocked. Luckily, she was able to unlock the garage door for us :o)
Once we got inside, Hillary Ashton asked if she could vacuum the floors :o) Why, of course child...anytime :o)
The sweeper she is using is the result of a night of insomnia...infomercials are soooooo convincing :o) I guess I am a sucker...haha!

Guess who started giggling this week???
And yes, it is the sweetest thing in the world!!!

Well, that's enough random thoughts for tonight :o) It's time for my favorite show...LOST!!! It is FINALLY back tonight!!! I am sooooo excited!


Tricia said...

100 days is a lot of school. Perhaps you should keep her at home tomorrow to make up for lost time. hee hee

The Jennings said...

Love the baby daddy story! I can't go anywhere without people commiting on ALL my BOYS! I can't imagine all the things people say to you! Definitely document those! When those girls are older they will love hearing those stories! People are so funny!

Heather M. said...

hahaha! "Baby Daddy"! That's funny! We get all kinds of looks, but not too many comments anymore...now, when they were little it was a different story! I love HA Mopping! Maybe she'll still like to help when she's older! I meant to comment on your WIC post too...by all means, use it! People like you are who it is intended for...believe me, you are paying for it one way or another. Glad you had a good experience at their office. Little Baby is such a cutie pie! LOVE baby giggles!!!!

Jason and Erin said...

I may have told this before, but that reminded me that Loston is a little "put out" that his uncle is browner than he is! He sticks out his bottom lip and says, "But I wanted to be the brownest!"