Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 36 - Just another day with my babies...

Today we had a fun day at home :o)

Sophie Le "helped" me sew today :o) She is still really diggin' the ladybug fabric...haha! She can't wait to wear her new outfit :o) I wish my babies could stay little forever!!!

The little girls enjoyed playing with play-do this morning while I tidyed up the house :o) This was Julianne's first play-do experience AND she liked it! Yea!! So glad to have an activity that Julianne will spend more than 30 seconds doing. No television, no coloring, no toys...BUT we got play-do :o) AND she didn't eat any (that I know of!).
Julianne concentrating on her masterpiece :o)
What'cha doing with that camera, mama?
Just kidding...I know what to do! Haha!
I don't know if it is polite to talk about how wonderful your kids are all of the time, but I don't guess it really matters because I think we are WAY past the point of no return :o) Btw, isn't she beautiful :o) Haha!

The girls have been missing their daddy this week and they wanted to make him a special dessert for dinner tonight. We decided on peach crumb cake...YUM-O!
Step 1...Peaches
Step 2...Yellow Cake Mix
Made with Love :o)
Step 3...Butter
Step 4...Brown Sugar
(Insert brown sugar picture here...haha!)
Step 5...Pecans
Gotta make sure little sister doesn't eat the ingredients :o)
Step 6...Wait for yummy dessert to cook :o) Sophie Le can't wait :o)
We like to eat our peach crumb cake warm with vanilla ice-cream!

A few pics of sweet baby Jonah...

I found this cute little outfit at Wal-Mart the other day...I couldn't resist. He really is our little sunshine :o) If you look REALLY close you can see his hair is growing in :o) I like to spike it...haha!
Hillary Ashton absolutely adores Jonah...I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual :o)
A lot of times the blurry pictures are my favorites :o)
Hillary Ashton tells me that she wants "lots of babies" when she grows up...I believe her :o)
Yep, we are in TROUBLE...

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