Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 42...More Valentine's & Sophie Le Video...

The valentine treat bag toppers I posted yesterday are from a digital scrap booking site, They have some really cute things...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the treat toppers :o) This is our second year to use them.

THANK YOU so much to those of you that have emailed and commented suggestions to ask Sophie Le's birth mother. It has been great reading different peoples' perspectives and it has given me some great ideas :o) We are still waiting to hear if they think they will be able to make contact. I am on pins and needles!

Here are the girls this morning before school...It was COLD so this is about as good as I could get of all three :o)
Sweet Sophie Le
Julianne sporting her two piggie tail hair-do :o)
You know, it is a little difficult dressing "Valentiney" when you have to wear uniforms :o) We did the best we could while obeying the dress code :o)

So this morning we got ready to head out for a normal Thursday...drop of Hillary Ashton at school and then to MDO for me, Sophie Le, Julianne & Jonah. Lunches packed, nap mats loaded, diaper bags packed, backpacks dressed, hair done, teeth brushed, breakfast, etc.. You get the idea :o)

On the way to drop off Hillary Ashton, I called to make sure MDO was open today...NOPE. I was glad to have a free day at home with the kiddos, but couldn't believe all of my work this morning was not necessary :o) Needless to say, getting everyone out in the morning is NOT my idea of fun :o) I was also disappointed that I wouldn't be able to go to Hillary Ashton's party in the afternoon. I told Hillary Ashton and she was so upset...I felt soooo bad.

However, things turned out great. Daddy went to Hillary Ashton's party during his lunch hour :o) He really is the best daddy! He even took pictures :o)

The little girls and I were busy, busy, busy around the house today :o)
Sophie Le worked on some more Valentines...
Julianne helped too :o)
However, she DID not like putting the candy in treat bags...she wanted the candy in her mouth :o)

At lunch, Sophie Le thought it was soooo funny that her lunch was in her lunchbox :o) These are the little things that I LOVE :o)
You know when you take a lot of pictures of your kids when one says, "Hey mama, you should take a picture of me getting my lunch out of my Dora lunchbox." Haha!!
Have I ever mentioned how much this child LOVES bananas?
When Julianne eats bananas, Sophie Le tells her that her uncle grew it :o) Haha! She knows that Julianne's uncle grows bananas in Ethiopia. I love that in their world, our bananas come straight from Ethiopia :o)

Hillary Ashton came home from school with LOTS of sweet goodies from her Valentine's party AND the girls got Valentine's cards from their grandparents :o) Does life get any better? Haha!

Tonight, Daddy got to watch Sophie Le's gymnastics class AND Hillary Asthon's cheer class. He has been out of town so much lately that this was the first chance he has had to see the girls in action. They LOVED having daddy did I :o)

Yesterday while I was putting away laundry, the girls were playing in their room. I heard them singing the song "I have decided to follow Jesus" and I went in to listen. However when I got to their room, I realized they were actually singing, "I am so excited to follow Jesus" to the tune of "I have decided." How sweet!

Here is a short little video of Sophie Le I took with my web cam today singing that song and also reciting her favorite quote from The Office that she was shouting through the house this morning...any Kelly Kapoor fans out there? Haha! Of course, little sister HAD to get in on the video too :o)


Lisa said...

"So excited to follow Jesus," How cute is that?! That's one for the memory book!

Renee Moak said...

How cute!!! Do y'all worship with the Church of Christ? We sing that...ALOT. haha