Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 46 - Changes & Year of the Tiger...

I am still on cloud nine after Hillary Ashton's decision last night :o) This has been a prayer of mine since before she was born. Getting saved is a personal decision and I knew that God would lay upon her heart the desire to invite Him into her life when the time was right...not a minute sooner. I am just so thrilled that the time came so early in her life.

This morning I was downstairs making breakfast when Hillary Ashton came down the stairs. She walked into the kitchen with the most precious, happy smile I have ever seen :o) She was carrying her bible and climbed into her chair at the bar. As she was looking down at the cover of her beginner bible, which has pictures of many of people of the well known bible stories, she said, "Mama, I can't believe I get to meet all of these people when I get to heaven. That is going to be really cool." Haha!

This evening as I was getting the kiddos ready for bed, she told me, "Mama, I really like having Jesus in my heart. He has helped me make good decisions all day. I feel like he has been walking beside me today." How AWESOME is that?

I LOVE it!

Guess who took a nap in a big girl bed today...
My BABY! How did we get to this point already? You may also notice that she has a pacifier in her mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is really exciting to me. Julianne is really sweet, but she can loud and a bit of a handful :o) I have tried for MONTHS to get her to take a pacifier :o) Well, it looks like we may be making a little progress :o) She picked out the little pink bow for her hair today :o)

Julianne and Sophie Le did GREAT taking naps together in the same room this afternoon. So good in fact, that they are sleeping in the same room tonight :o) Sophie Le has been wanting a roommate for several months so hopefully she got a new one today :o)

We have also made big strides with our communication with Miss Julianne this week! When Hillary Ashton was a baby, we were big into baby sign language. She knew lots of signs and it really helped cut down on tantrums and frustration. Fast forward to Sophie Le. We had intentions of teaching her signs. I remember trying to teach her a few signs and she would do the sign AND repeat the word back to me AND then use it correctly :o) Haha! We quickly ditched sign language with her. By the time Julianne came along, sign language was really not even on my radar anymore. Julianne has an interesting and challenging language background. She heard a language unique to her birth area for 6 months and Amharic (the official language of Ethiopia) for 6 months and now English since June '09. Can you imagine how confusing this must be for her? She has the ability to say words, but is VERY cautious about using her words. It seems like she just doesn't feel comfortable saying words most of the time. We started introducing signs this week and she LOVES them!! She learns VERY quick and is eager to try them out :o) It is sooooo nice being able to communicate with her.

As I mentioned yesterday we are celebrating Tet...the Vietnamese New Year. 2010 is the year of the tiger and tonight the girls made tiger puppets :o)
My little Vietnamese baby was born in the year of the dog :o)
Big sister LOVES anything related to Vietnam :o)


Emy said...

Wow, how amazing for Hilary!!! I bet your heart is bursting with joy!!!

Where did you get that bedding? It is so cute!

Tanya said...

My son, Gabe, who is almost 2, is having the same language difficulties. Too timid to try out the words I know he knows. He also shared the same confusion with Odomo language and then Amharic and then English, but he is picking it up very quickly. Tried some baby signs, but he doesn't sit still long enough. Your girls are so precious....esp. Hillary with her newfound partner in life!

Neil, Amy and The Girls said...

Hi Emy - Thanks! The girls' bedding came from Target...I guess you will be shopping for girl bedding soon :o) So excited for you!!

Hi Tanya - Thanks for sharing. How old is your son...I can't remember exactly. He has been home since the Fall, right?

Willis said...

That is the most wonderful thing! I'm so grateful that she accepted Christ! This is a prayer of mine as well, that Rocco would one day trust Jesus as His Savior.