Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 47 - Big Girl Bed & Pizza...

Guess who slept all night in a big girl bed...
Yea!!! So thankful the transition was easy-peasy!

Tonight we had one of the girls' favorite meals...homemade pizza! They love meals they can make by themselves...so do I :o)

Here is a conversation I had with Hillary Ashton on the way to the car after school today...

Me: I set-up an appointment for you to talk to the pastor this week.
HA: Good. What day?
Me: Thursday. We can eat dinner, go talk to the pastor and then head to your cheer class.
HA: Mom, can you look at the cheer schedule and find me a make-up class?
Me: Why? I told you that we can go to cheer after you talk to the pastor.
HA: I know, but I am going to talk to the pastor for a really, really long time and probably won't be done in time to make it to cheer so you need to find me a make-up class. Just make sure you don't take me to the make-up class that has that boy in it that is always trying to kiss me...that's gross and it makes it hard for me to cheer.

That child cracks me up. This extensive meeting she has planned with the pastor should be interesting :o)

Speaking of interesting conversations...have I mentioned that Hillary Ashton is totally trying to convince Jonah that SHE is his mama? Haha! Each day after school, she climbs in the car, walks straight to Jonah's car seat and says..."Hey baby, how was your day? Did you miss mama today while she was at school? Mama missed you." Haha! I will say something like "Hey, I thought I was Jonah's mama." And she will say, "No. I am his mama. You can be his big sister or something." Haha! Also pretty much anytime he cries while we are at home, she will run over to where he is and say, "Hey baby, don't worry, mama's here. Mama's got you."

If he starts calling Hillary Ashton mama in a few months, a certain five year old is gonna be in big trouble! Haha!

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