Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 49 - Kindergarten Program & Happy Hour...

This morning, Hillary Ashton's school had their Kindergarten program. It was really good(with the exception of one child that pushed my child almost the entire time).

Here are her fun teachers joining in on the praise songs :o)
Here is Hillary Ashton with some of her sweet friends :o)
Hillary Ashton & her bff :o)
Love my baby girl!
Daddy worked extra fast so he could make it back to town to see the show...we got a good daddy!

Honestly, I was REALLY upset by the repeated shoving that occurred during the show this morning. I headed to MDO after the program, but I decided to leave early and pick up my baby. We will also not be going to school tomorrow. That's rational, right? Haha! Am I just naive to believe that a child should be able to attend school and not be influenced negatively or have their feelings hurt? I fully admit, I am not ready for my kids to be in school. Kindergarten is hard for me...luckily my girl is doing just fine :o)

My baby enjoying her slushy from Happy Hour...LOVE Happy Hour!
Sophie Le helping Julianne get a sip of her drink...
It seems like just yesterday, Sophie Le was on the other end of this arangement (June 2008)...
Sissy is always quick to get her a sip :o)
Little sister thinks she can handle things all by herself...
Fun at the park
I wish this innocence could forever!
Sooooo sweet!
Sometimes I forget how little Julianne is...until I see pictures like this...

I just love how each of the girls look up to each just fills my heart :o)
Hillary Ashton checking out the river...
"Hey Hillary Ashton, wait on me!"
Here comes littlest sister :o)

Tonight, Hillary Ashton has her much anticipated meeting with the pastor. Y'all she was not kidding about having lots of questions! She wanted me to write down the questions last filled a whole page!!! The questions were actually very thoughtful and interesting....probably questions a lot of people wonder about. Pretty awesome she is seeking the answers at such a young age :o)


Willis said...

We have our foster parent training this weekend! Say a prayer for us.


Renee said...

That is so wonderful!!!