Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 51 - Meeting with the Pastor & Bubble Fun...

I forgot to blog about Hillary Ashton's meeting with our pastor a few days ago! She was so ready for the time for her appointment to roll around! She kept asking, "Do you think we should leave? We might be late." "Um, no sweetheart, we have three hours before your appointment, we should be fine." However, I am afraid her obsession with being on time may reflect my historical punctuality :o) Haha!

So, sweet daddy met us there so he could take home the three little ones. Hillary Ashton was so excited to show daddy her questions and the picture she made for the pastor :o) Btw, on the back of her picture, she drew a picture of a book and wrote "Hillary Ashton, Amy, Nill." I asked her what that meant and she said, "Oh, that is the Lamb's book of life. My name is in there now." Oh my goodness, how sweet is that?

Of course, she had to bring her silver sequin purse to carry her goodies :o)

She went in with it filled with papers and left with it filled with suckers :o) Pretty good tradeoff! Haha!

Once we got into the meeting, she kinda froze. This is very understandable. Our church is rather large and although she knows the pastor, it is definitely not a person is feels comfortable talking to about matters of the heart :o) She was happy to get answers to her questions which ranged from dinosaurs to backsliding to unreached people. Yep, apparently my girl is a deep thinker...or rather dreamer :o) She told me most of these questions came to her in dreams :o) I've always known she had a dreamer personality, but this takes dreamer to a whole new level :o)


Today, the girls were so excited to have their grandparents and cousin, Ashley, come to visit! It didn't hurt that the grandparents were armed with seven Wacky Packs from Sonic, two huge packs of gum, oranges, apples, organic milk, water bottles, HUGE strawberries, cheese, carrots and most importantly a HUGE box of BUBBLE WRAP! The girls had a blast popping the bubble wrap throughout the afternoon :o)


My parents were also nice (and brave) enough to watch all five kiddos under the age of six while I went grocery shopping, got the car washed and by Mardel's. Let me tell you, it was the most relaxing trip shopping trip I have had in quite awhile...haha! I will also share, it was soooooooooo nice to be inconspicuous for once.

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Emy said...

What a precious heart Hillary has! I love hearing her quotes!!!

The bubble wrap cracked me up! My nephew's wish list for his 6th birthday was bubble wrap, post-its, tape, etc. It sure was easy to shop, but I had to throw a toy in there too. ;o)