Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 52 - Our Day in Pictures (with captions)...

My baby walked the aisle today at church :o) She was soooo excited. This picture was actually taken before church started...she was picking her route! Haha! I was so happy that "I have a Maker" was the decision song this morning. This song is so special to our family! Hillary Ashton was walking down the aisle as soon as the instruments began. I think she was to the front before the singers started singing. Haha!
The little girls get so worn out at church on Sunday mornings! This is what I usually see before we are even out of the parking lot :o) Notice the sucker in her hand...always there :o)
There is just something about a sleeping baby that makes me smile :o)
This one was waaaaay to excited to sleep today!
I don't know what it is, but my girls LOVE to point in pictures :o)
How did I get so lucky?
This dress is a little twist on the knot apron dress I made for Sophie Le. I thought it would be cute to shorten the dress to a top and add matching pants.
Poor Sophie Le's asthma started bothering her again today. Boo!! When we got home she said, "I think I need to see Mr. Chicken," That is what she calls her breathing machine. Sweet....and sad.
Thank heavens, she usually feels better after a couple treatments!
Seriously, what is up with the pointing?
This girl's smile makes me so happy!
My girls!!!
I am still feeling yucky today so sweet daddy made the girls' lunch. Haha!DSC05303
After lunch, we gave Hillary Ashton a few items to encourage her in her walk with Christ. She had NO idea what was coming. We just told her to close her eyes :o)
She was genuinely shocked and happy!
I couldn't resist this Lamb and cross necklace after she drew the Lamb's book of life picture the other day :o)
She LOVED her new bible purse!
Hillary Ashton listening to Daddy read her a devotional out of her new book, God's little Princess Devotional Bible.
Writing her name in her new bible :o) I love her concentration face!
While the little kiddos slept, Hillary Ashton & I went to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate her friend's sixth birthday!!! How in the world are her friends turning six!!! Next thing you know, she will be turning six...I am NOT happy about that!
Hillary Ashton is totally enchanted with Chuck. It is crazy! In this picture, she had just honked his nose. She thought that was beyond hilarious! So she did it many, many more times. This guy (or gal) earned her money this afternoon :o)

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Tricia said...

Lots of wonderful photos today. Love that you sew - such cute stuff. Hope you are feeling better in the morning. It stinks to feel bad and be taking care of kiddos makes it hard to get better. Hang in there.