Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 55 - Gymnastics...

I am about 95% today :o) Yipee! I am PRAYING and HOPING none of the kiddos get sick. Having sick kids is the WORST! Jonah didn't sleep through the night last night and was pretty fussy today so right now he is the one I am most worried about.

Sophie Le had gymnastics again today. Her natural abilities are amazing! Everything they attempt in class seems to come so easily for Sophie Le. Where does that come from? Will we ever know? I am hoping our birth family search will provide some insight into these types of things. Maybe her birth mom is athletic too? Maybe she likes to do flips and has excellent balance. I can't wait to find out!
The pointing thing is really starting to intrigue me. Where did it come from and why do all of my kids do it? Any ideas?

Eight months ago, we met this little girl for the first time...
She was super sweet and very quite...
Now eight months later, she is a super loud, super busy, super opinionated, super toddler.
There are days when I think she is about to drive me crazy! Today might have been one of those days :o) Everyday, she is the most affectionate and loving child in our family. Everyday, I thank God for letting me be her mom. She may be a little rascal, but she is my rascal :o)


Tricia said...

That little rascal is tooo cute.

Heather M. said...

HAHAHA! All 3 of mine drive me crazy at some point in every day! I guess that's just part of being a mom! We are so very lucky! All 3 of your girls are precious!!! Glad you're feeling better.

Lisa said...

I know ou won't want to hear thsi, but your littlest rascal looks so much more grown up in these pictures!