Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 58 - Donuts, Sunshine & the Zoo...

We started our day at Shipley's. The girls LOVE going for donuts! Why oh why do they put eggs in donuts? I really wanted one this morning...they smell sooooo good!
Next we went to Hobby Lobby to pick up some new fabric. I am going to use it to make the girls' Easter Basket this year and maybe an outfit to match. Dorky, I know! Haha! The lady cutting fabric made me reallllly mad. If she wasn't 80 years old, I may have decked her. Just kidding...kinda. No, really I am kidding. But, next time I am in there, she better stick to cutting my fabric and keep all of her stupid comments to herself or else I may have to get Sophie Le and Julianne to give her the evil eye! They are really good at that! Haha!

When we got home, the weather was B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!! The girls and I played outside until lunch time...I LOVED it! I spent about an hour like this...
Hillary Ashton found these Barbie skates in the garage and had a blast "skating" up and down the driveway...holding on to mama's hand. She kept saying, "Skating is so awesome!" Haha!

Sophie Le rode on the Diego car. She LOVES that thing...always has and probably always will. My baby finds something she likes and sticks with it. On the other hand, if she ever decides she doesn't like something, it is almost impossible to get her to change her opinion.
Luckily, she likes Meow :o) These kittens are sooo good with the girls!

Julianne likes to try out all of the riding toys :o)
Hillary Ashton giving Ju Ju some pointers :o)
I can't tell you how proud I am of how far Julianne has come this week in her speech and sign language! Here she is signing "help." She wanted to ride the tricycle :o)
Look at her two front teeth!!! So cute!
Sophie Le got this Barbie 4-wheeler for her birthday, but has NO interest in riding it. But Julianne LOVES it. She touches it almost everytime we walk through the garage...haha! She was so excited to get to ride it today!
Big sister was happy to let her borrow it :o)

During naptime, Daddy called from work and asked if we wanted to meet him at the zoo :o) Of course, we did!
I probably have 50 pictures of Hillary Ashton on this gorilla statue taken throughout her life. It is always the first thing she wants to do at the zoo!
Sophie Le has no interest in getting on top of the statue, but she likes to pretend she is a baby gorilla and sit under it :o)
Le wasn't very happy that Daddy decided to hold a snake while holding her too :o)
I have this SAME picture of Hillary Ashton and Daddy taken when she was around Julianne's age....I have got to find it!
Groups shot are never easy with three little girls :o)
I learned a long time ago, if you don't get the shot you want in the first few should just give up because the chances of it getting any better are slim :o)
I took a few too many today...haha!

I think it is so funny how Sophie Le always poses for pictures :o) My little model...haha!
Of all of the fun things at the zoo, Sophie Le thought there was no better find than this pinecone! It HAD to come home with us :o)
Can you believe how close they are in size? They are 21 months apart! I am afraid Julianne is going to pass Sophie Le in height this year. I don't think Miss Le will be very happy about that.
One of my favorite pictures of Julianne! I am LOVING her hair!!!
Hillary Ashton has been wanting to smash a penny FOREVER. I NEVER have change, but today I remembered to grab some :o) Yea!
It was all she hoped it would be :o)
To tell you the really was pretty cool :o)


Tricia said...

Very good day. Love all the photos. You are right, that is an awesome shoot of Julianne. She is beautiful.

Willis said...

Sounds like a fun day...


Emy said...

I am so jealous of your weather!!! We had an inch of snow yesterday. :o(

We have a smashed penny from just about everywhere we've been. Love it!

Lisa said...

I love Julianne's curls in these pictures!

Heather M. said...

This beautiful weather has spoiled us! Tomorrow the rain will come; boo! Love your day at the zoo pictures! So cute!!!! Looks like you totally packed that day full of fun!