Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 90 - Visitation, Hand Me Downs & April Fools'...

This morning Jonah had his fist visitation with his birth mother. The girls were really sad and concerned when I dropped him off this morning. Hillary Ashton cried on the way to school. Throughout the day, Sophie Le couldn't stop talking about him. She kept things like "When is Jonah coming home? I miss him. He smiles at me and he loves me. Mama, did you know that I love Jonah?"

I thought the girls were going to knock the caseworker over when she brought Jonah home this afternoon :o) They were soooooo happy to see him. I think he was happy to see them too :o) He kept smiling and "talking" to them. The caseworker said, "I've been with him all day and I had no idea he could talk." Haha! It is so true! Jonah does talk A LOT...I guess it comes with living with three big sisters. He usually has one of the girls knelt beside him singing to him or talking to him and he will just grunt and coo back to them. You can tell he thinks he is really telling them some big story :o)

The caseworker's report of the visit and some other information she shared with me about the case reaffirmed my strong desire for Jonah to be adopted by family. I know that God is in control of Jonah's life and I will accept whatever happens. Please keep this sweet, sweet baby in your prayers...I believe the decisions made in the coming months will have a HUGE impact on his life.

We had another BEAUTIFUL day today :o) I am LOVING this warm weather!!! I am always so thankful that I have THREE girls when the seasons change...
Hand Me Downs are the BEST!!!
I can't tell you how happy it makes me when I pull out these storage bins and find cute clothes for the girls...for FREE!!! It is AWESOME!!

Can you believe today is the last day of March? Man, time sure flies when you have small children! March is gone so that means tomorrow is April Fools' Day! What a fun day :o) I had great intentions of making some awesome April Fools' food I found on the Family Fun website, but I am not sure if I will get around to it tomorrow or not. I think my girls would go crazy over these...
French Fries...made out of bread sticks and cinnamon :o)
Grilled cheese...made out of pound cake and frosting :o)
Fish sticks and peas...made out of cookies, taffy and strawberry jam :o)
And my FAVORITE, Stir fry...made out of fruit roll ups, pineapples, apples and cashews :o)

How fun would that meal be? Do you have any April Fools' Day pranks for tomorrow?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 89 - I HEART Spring...

Today was another beautiful, Spring day! We had fun picking flowers...
I love having fresh flowers in a vase sitting on my kitchen counter...especially ones picked by my girl :o)
And the girls went for a ride :o) This is the first time Sophie Le was brave enough to drive and she did AWESOME!!!
Then a fun mama and her two sweet, handsome boys came to play...I LOVE fun mamas and sweet boys!!
Sophie Le loved showing off her picture album to Ms. Tricia :o) Then she took her album for a ride on the swing :o)
This little one's hair is growing soooooo fast! We are going to have piggie tails before I know it!
I really like red kid shoes...and red tricycles...DSC06887
...and cute babies :o)
After school today, this one went to a friend's house to play...she didn't know she was going home with her friend until the school secretary announced over the intercom that she was riding home with her friend...during nap time. She thought that was super cool :o) She thinks her mama is cool for setting up the play date...she's right...haha!
This little one finally got to use the potty today :o) She has been asking for a month or so, but I really thought it was just because she saw her sisters using the potty and thought it would be fun to sit on the potty. I didn't want her to think of the potty as something to "play" with :o) However, tonight I gave in and sit her on the potty...and she used it!!!!!! One day this mama will learn :o) Haha!

Tomorrow my littlest baby is going to see is mom for the first day...since birth. He will be gone almost ALL DAY even though the visit with his mom will only be one hour. Please pray for safe travels for my sweet baby...I am going to miss him sooooooo much!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 88 - Zac Smith & Politically Correct?

I saw this video on another blog this morning and Zac Smith and his family have been on my mind today. I am praying for a miracle...will you join me?

The Story of Zac Smith from NewSpring Media on Vimeo.

I feel a little silly even writing a post after that amazing video, but since I am blogging we go...

I know that our society is all about being "politically correct" these days. In general, I agree that most "politically correct terms" are much more desirable and acceptable than the alternatives. However, being politically correct isn't always "technically correct."

Disclaimer: Don't worry...this blog isn't turning serious or political :o) Haha! If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you already know that :o) Haha! This blog always has been and always will be about my love for my PRECIOUS, SMART, ADORABLE, WITTY, WONDERFUL little girls (and boy & hubby), crafts and having fun...okay maybe a little rant here and there...but this blog really just reflects our everyday life :o)

On Day 71, I posted about about the 2010 Census. I commented on the fact that there wasn't a "box" for Julianne's race. There is a Vietnamese Box for Sophie Le, but no Ethiopian box. Therefore, I wrote in "Ethiopian" in the "other box." There is actually a movement in different races to get their particular race included...the one that comes to mind that I have read about on several adoption blogs is Taiwanese. When I wrote in Ethiopian, I wasn't necessarily advocating for an Ethiopian box in the future, I was just being "technically correct." However, if they choose to have an Ethiopian box in the future, I will be tickled!

The reason I am writing about this is because I got a VERY NICE comment on that blog post earlier this week...

Jebena said...
There is a box for Julianne, although she is Ethiopian, she is African decent and here in America, that means you are the Mother of a beautiful African American girl :)

Keep up the wonderful parenting, you are to be honored on so many levels in all that you do as a Mother!

March 23, 2010 4:36 PM

As nice and sweet (and I LOVE nice and sweet comments!) as the comment was, it kinda made me feel like people may have misinterpreted my intentions of writing in Ethiopian on the census rather than checking the "African American" box. I am not opposed to marking "African American" for Julianne. However, Julianne IS NOT an AMERICAN. Unlike Sophie Le, Julianne entered the United States on a IR-3 visa which means she is in America on a green card. We will readopt her here in the United States and then apply for her American citizenship.

So to be "technically correct," Julianne is an Ethiopian living in the United States on a green card.

Honestly, I couldn't care less which box my kids are in. They are just my kids. I didn't even want to fill out the census...I know, I know...don't judge. However, I did fill out the form. In my pre-mommy days (man, that seems like a lifetime ago!), I was a CPA. I chose that career because I like numbers and I like to follow rules and I like things to be organized, fair and correct :o) So, if there is a box for Sophie Le, I think there should be one for Julianne :o)

This also reminds me of an interesting conversation I heard the other day. See, this is why I don't write about these things...I just ramble :o) So I was standing in the checkout line at a store and a lady came up behind me in line. A cashier from the lane next to us came over and asked her if she had a return to make (this cashier could check her out, but could not make returns). Here is how the conversation went from there...

Lady: Yes, I brought some greenery in a few minutes ago and gave it to a black girl that was working at that register (which was now empty).

At this point, I turned around and glanced in her direction. Not a dirty look, just a glance because she was talking. I am sure I am not the only one that turns around when someone behind you speaks :o) However, when I turned around, the lady made eye contact with me and then she looked at Jonah in my arms.

Lady: Ummm, I mean African. Ummm, the girl...she was African American. She took my return and put it under the counter.

I think it is beyond funny that she felt the need to be politically correct for me :o) Haha! In my family, we would never refer to the cashier as "African American." I would probably not think to describe the cashier in terms of her skin color...I mean, really there were only like three cashiers working...I think they could have figured out who the missing one was :o) However, if we felt the need to describe the cashier's skin color, we would probably say she was "dark brown." I say probably because I didn't see her...there is a chance she was light brown :o) In our family, we have three "peaches," two "light browns," and one "dark brown." These aren't terms my hubby or I introduced, these are terms Hillary Ashton came up with and they make sense so we use them.

But her comment brings up another questions...Why are all dark skinned people labeled "African American?" No matter where they are from, no matter what language they speak. People from China are usually referred to as "Chinese" not "Asian Americans." Why do they get a breakout? Come to think of it, I have never had anyone say Sophie Le is "Asian American."

Why are Julianne and Jonah both considered "African American?" They are VERY different. She was born in Africa. She has brothers, sisters, uncles & aunts living there right now. Jonah was born here in the United States. His immediate family lives here...and they have for many, many generations. I feel I have a lot more in common with Jonah than Julianne...culturally speaking. Why wouldn't Jonah and I have the same box...we were both born in the United States and "speak" the same language. Why is "African American" such a broad label?

So long story short...yes, we will be very happy when our daughter is technically an African AMERICAN :o) Mostly because that will mean we are FINALLY done with all of her paperwork...haha!

Milestones...Jonah rolled over all by himself last Friday and today he scooted about 2 1/2 feet across the floor...on his belly...backwards!!! So sweet!!!

And just because...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 87 - Tulips, Tulips & More Tulips...

Day 87 was another great day :o)

Sweet baby girl...

After church today, we went to Hot Springs to visit Garvin Woodland Gardens. We almost didn't go because it really looked like it was going to rain. But we did and am sooooo glad we did :o) It was pretty chilly at first, but after about an hour it warmed up and the SUN came out! BEAUTIFUL day!

Pretty rose bush...and beautiful little girl :o)
Me, Hillary Ashton & Jonah...and Yes, I do know that this carrier has been recalled. The risk is for babies under four months of age...Jonah is over four months and I check him constantly :o)
I HEART Tulips, they are my favorite! Today we saw 100,000 tulips :o) Amazing!!
Hello's so good to see you!!!!!
Only thing better than a bunch of beautiful flowers...sweet baby girl in front of a bunch of beautiful flowers :o)
Oh my goodness! LOVE!
Me and my sweet taken by Hillary Ashton :o)
Groups shots were not happening today :o)
Sweet baby loves flowers just like mommy :o)
Hill said the purple flowers smell like chocolate...hum...that girl is a mess!
Sophie Le
My flowers :o)
Daddy and his sweetie...
Sisterly love...
I just wanted to pick them all and take them home with me!
I could not get enough of these flowers!DSC06785
My girls on the other hand, liked the flowers, but were ready to MOVE ON!
Hillary Ashton did a scavenger hunt during our walk and she LOVED it :o) She had to find a bridge made of trees, a walking insect, a squirrel, a Japanese Maple tree, etc... She found everything except a jumping insect :o)
Sophie Le kept busy studying the map :o)
Hillary Ashton in front of Lake Hamilton...that is the lake we go to during the summer.
Sweet daddy pulled the two little girls though the entire garden...up hills and down hills...good daddy :o)
Beautiful waterfall...
...feeds directly into the Lake :o)
I was pleasantly surprised when the trail lead back to the TULIPS :o)
We LOVED the Asian part of the garden...
Quick stop for a snack...
My baby looks so little next to the bell tower!
The bells started going off while she was standing inside the tower :o)
In front of the glass chapel...
My girls...
The girls looking at the lake...I have a STRONG suspicion that Sophie Le LICKED the window...but I don't want to talk about it.
The girls ran up and down the aisle saying they had super powers...not sure if that is appropriate for a chapel...but they sure had fun :o)
Hillary Ashton signing the guest book...
She wrote, "Cool here." I agree :o)