Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 62 - New glasses, Dance, Playdate & Dr. Seuss...

Aggggg! The shorter lens on my camera has lost the ability to focus and won't take pictures!!!! What the heck is going on? I plan to take it to the camera store if I can find the time...hahahahahahaha! Luckily the longer lens (which I HEART, but it is so...long) is still working as well as the camera on my phone so I can continue to document every minutes of our lives...haha!

My little girl was sooooooooo excited to wear her glasses to school today
I put her hair is side piggie tails this morning to offset the older look the glasses give her :)
She told me several times today that I could just call her "glasses girl" if I wanted :o)

My Sophie Le is a sweet one...
And she even does laundry :o)
Good thing because I have about 8 loads of clean laundry in the floor right now that I need to fold...tomorrow or Friday or maybe this weekend :o)

After she finished her chores, I took her to gymnastics :o) She was so happy that Daddy came to watch her today :o) Notice her the teal polish she had to have applied to her fingernails and toenails before class today :o)

This afternoon, we had a playdate with this gorgeous little girl (and her brother and foster sister)...
I really LOVE the look of the pictures taken with the longer lens!
Unfortunately, Sophie Le wasn't in the greatest mood this afternoon...

After school today, Hillary Ashton had a lot of fun making one of our Dr. Seuss crafts :o) Afterwards we read the book, Red Fish, Blue Fish, One Fish, Two Fish.
(the fish are zip lock bags cut in the shape of fish, stuffed with tissue paper and stapled around the edge with fun wiggly eyes)


Tricia said...

Those fish are so cute. I love that idea. And the glasses - can't get over the glasses.

alexismcdade said...

Cute Craft idea! I'm amazed that you always have fun stuff for your kiddos to do!