Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 63 - Referralversary & Bagel Bird Feeders...

March 4, 2009...Hubby & I were both at home working in our home office while Hillary Ashton & Sophie Le watched television in the living room next door. The phone rang and all of our lives changed forever! Although we knew our referral call would be coming soon, we were genuinely shocked when we saw our adoption agency's phone number on the caller id! We spent the next hour listening to the precious details of OUR daughter's life. It is such a surreal moment when someone calls you and tells you that you have a child living 7500 miles away. This is the first picture we saw of our baby girl, 8.5 months old...
Fanos Feb 16
What a wonderful day!!! We are so lucky to be her parents! Happy referralversary Julianne Fanose!!!!!

We had another wonderful day today. The weather was sooooooooo AWESOME!! This morning the little kiddos and I went to MDO. When we get to the church in the mornings for MDO, I start unpacking the car. It is not a quick process :o) This is what our line up looks like :o) Jonah is the first out of the car, then the bags, then Sophie Le and finally Julianne :o) It always cracks me up when I see the "line up" :o) Haha! Then comes the fun part...getting all of this goodness in the church in one load :o) I know I look like a crazy person toting everything in :o)
After school today, the girls made bird seed bagels for the birds. Julianne REALLY enjoyed this activity :o)
And yes, the little girls are wearing the same outfits they wore last weekend :o) They are just so comfy and perfect for this cool morning, warm afternoon weather!
Hillary Ashton was so sweet to help Julianne get her peanut butter spead out "perfectly"
She didn't need any help putting the bird seed on :o)
Sweet Sophie Le kept saying, "Yum, this looks good!"
My girls with their with completed projects...
I just realized all three girls picked ribbon the same color as their toothbrushes :o)
This child makes the craziest faces :o) Haha!
The girls scouted the yard looking for the perfect place to hang their feeders...
That found it! This picture makes me laugh :o) They all went and stood under their feeders :o)
Come on birds!
While waiting on the birds, the girls decided to "dig for bugs." I have such girly girls :o)
Sweet success...a fat worm :o)
This girl LOVES bugs, worms, frogs, etc...
She ran to find her bug catcher. We have definitely got our moneys worth out of that thing :o)
She likes to talk to her little pets :o)
This girl LOVES sticks, rocks, acorns, etc...
I think Princess Lola is up to no good...
I KNEW it!
This kitten loves trying new things. Haha! Remember this picture of Princess Lola drinking chocolate milk on one of our snow days...
I had to keep an eye on this one too...she really wanted a bite :o)


Tricia said...

The bird feeder project is great. I love the girls outfits - looks very comfy - just my style. And, Hillary Ashton is precious in those glasses. Don't tell her I said this, but I think they make her look younger (not older).

Tanya said...

too funny! that silly cat! he's supposed to go after the BIRDS, not the birdseed!

Kim said...

Your girls are so adorable!! they crack me up. I LOVE the picture at the top of your blog with them all laughing! Cute outfits too. first time I have seen the glasses, they are really cute on her!!!

Emy said...

Love the group shot! ha ha ha! What a fun idea, and the kitty cracks me up! :o)

Happy referralversary!!!

Neil, Amy and The Girls said...

Thank you guys!

Tricia - You made my day :o) Haha!

Neil, Amy and The Girls said...
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