Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 64 - OBU, Happy Hour & Shadow Family...

My alma mater (Ouchita Baptist University) sends a cute OBU t-shirt and letter to babies when they enter your family. Miss Julianne received her shirt and letter welcoming her to the Ouachita family yesterday :o) The letter said Julianne is on the tentative roll for the entering class of 2026! Haha! Sophie Le's entering class is 2024 and Hillary Ashton's is 2021 :o) Unfortunately, we will need to win the lottery to afford their tuition!
Hillary Ashton, age 6 months sporting her Ouachita shirt...
Sophie Le, age 8 months sporting her Ouachita shirt...
Miss Julianne, age 20 months sporting HER Ouachita shirt...
Those are some cute future Tigers :o) One funny thing is that all of my girls are wearing size 12 month shirts in the above pictures!

This afternoon while the kiddos were napping, I was sewing an outfit for Sophie Le. Right beside my sewing table, there is a large window looking out to the front yard. Look what I saw...
Dang it...those bagels are for the birds! Not kittens and definitely not squirrels! Haha! Look at how straight and long Mr. Squirrel looks!
Well that sneaky little guy unhooked the bagel and took it up to the top of the pole and had a snack!
Then he turned toward the window and just stared at me while he ate the bird's food as if he was saying, "Yep, I got the bagel, what'cha gonna do about it?"
Well I'll tell you what...I am going to wake up two little girls to let him have it!
I cracked the window and Julianne and Sophie Le yelled at Mr. Squirrel to leave the bird food alone. Well, Sophie Le yelled and Julianne banged on the window :o) But you know what, he didn't mind. He just sat there and ate the bagel like he was having a picnic! We did get some satisfaction watching him try to get the other two bagels that were hanging in the middle! It was soooooo just couldn't figure out a way to get them!

We had another BEAUTIFUL, AWESOME, sunny day today!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this weather!

When we picked up Hillary Ashton from school, the girls requested slushies from Sonic :o) I just LOVE that "Happy Hour" is right after school...perfect!

My girls LOVE slushies and playing outside! Me too :o)
I usually get the two big girls a slushie and they each share with Julianne. When Julianne wants a drink she raises her hand like this...haha!
And then she's on her way...she's got lots of things to do :o)
Like taking Meow for a walk...seriously, it amazes me how good these cats are with the girls!

These girls have a rough life :o)
Sophie Le turned her back for a minute and Juilanne stole her drink :o)
She thought it was sooooo funny!
Hillary Ashton drawing a picture of herself...notice the purple glasses!
Do you see Julianne in the background? I told her she couldn't carry the drink around so she would squat down to get a drink :o)
She's a smart one!

The girls decided to draw shadows of our cute!
Hard at play :o)
They had fun decorating our shadow family with clothes and accessories :o)
day64 1
Sometimes too much fun can just wear you out!
day64 2

I guess I shouldn't have woken her up from her nap! Haha!


Tricia said...

Is that baby seriously asleep? That is unbelievable. I love that the girls draw so much with the chalk. The family of shadows is awesome.

Emy said...

I love the flash back baby pictures, oh my goodness, SO SWEET!!!

What kind of camera do you have, your pictures are always so amazing!!!

Neil, Amy and The Girls said...

Hi Tricia - I am not sure if she actually fell asleep or not, but she stayed like this for about 10 minutes or so...then she was ready to play some more :o)

Emy - Thank you! I have a sony alpha dslr100 with the extra 35-300m lens. I LOVE it!