Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 65 - Watercolor Butterflies, Sewing & Playing Outside...

I HEART Saturdays! This morning we decided to paint with watercolors!

I just LOVE how they were sitting so close to each other :o)
My baby girls...
Hillary Ashton is a lefty :o)
So the girls painted coffee filters. We have like 1000 (literally) of these in our pantry, but no one in our house drinks coffee...haha! So the girls had a great time turning the filters into beautiful butterflies!
First they painted the filters...
Then sprayed them with a water bottle to help the colors run...
This was probably their favorite part :o)
Then we gathered the filter and tied a pipe cleaner around the middle...

Hillary Ashton does this about a 100 times a day...

Our days are not all fun and games...unfortunately there are time-outs mixed in here and there :o( I think this was for hitting Meow with a pink, glitter stick...
Poor Meow! I try to let Sophie Le skip her nap time on the weekends, but some days I realize that isn't the best idea. Today was one of those days.

So while all of the little kiddos slept, I finished the little girls' new outfits. The tops and bottoms are from Wal-Mart and I just added their initials to the tops and ruffles to the bottoms.
I gave them their outfits when they woke up and they LOVED the fun, Zebra print :o) Big sister has requested a matching outfit too :o) Haha!

Hillary Ashton played outside the entire day! She was so happy when her sisters woke up from their naps (or I should say when SHE accidentally went into their rooms and woke them up!) :o) I LOVE that they are such good friends. I hope they always will be! They were singing a LOUD song in this picture...haha!
These are the days!
We really need a three seater jeep :o)
Julianne trying to sweet talk Sophie Le into letting her have a turn :o)
The big girls got out to climb some vines...
...Julianne took advantage of the situation :o)
Oh Happy Day!


Jessica said...

So sweet! Sorry I have to be the grammar police, lol. It should be "they were sitting so close" not setting. Sorry I had an english teacher in Elementary school that beat this into me. You Set your coffee on the table and then you sit down to read a good book. People sit and you set down an item. So Sorry, I couldn't hold it in. =)

Neil, Amy and The Girls said...

I was just in a hurry! I changed it. Thanks!

Heather M. said...

OH! What a fun day! I think I would have liked to be at your house instead of riding in the car all day! It looks like your property is a wonderful place for kids to explore & ride their jeeps! So pretty. Caleigh puts herself in time out's too funny....she really hasn't done much to deserve one yet; I'm sure her day is coming ;) Your girls will most definately always be close as long as you encourage & foster that love!!! It's so fun to watch our kids love each other...have a good Sunday too!

The Jennings said...

What a beautiful day! Cute butterflies, cute outfits and CUTEST Sophie Le sitting in time out!


Tricia said...

The butterflies are adorable. Great idea. Looks like you all had a great day. Sorry I was so late posting. Rob and I watched a movie and I just got it done. You are sweet to stay up and wait on me. I usually try to do it as soon as the boys go to bed. Now I am going to bed.