Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 67 - Park, MDO, Park, Foster Care & Birth family Search...

Today was so beautiful that we decided to go to the park...TWICE! Before MDO and after we picked up Hillary Ashton from school.

The little girls at the playground at our church this morning...

Julianne followed Sophie Le around doing everything big sister did :o)
It is hard to believe Sophie Le is a BIG sister!
They are such sweet friends :o)

After dropping off the kids at MDO, I spent three hours ALL BY MYSELF. Ahhhh :o)

Fun at Pinnacle mountain park this afternoon...
See-sawing with my girl :o)
I don't care how old she gets...I will probably always be a little nervous when she climbs up there!
She thinks it is sooooooooo funny when mommy get nervous!

Last Friday was the one year anniversary of our home being OPEN for foster care. We got our first placement the day after our home was open...that was Little Man :o)
This picture was taken moments after Little Man got to our house...the girls were ecstatic!
So along with our one year anniversary, we have to redo lots of paperwork, physical exams, tb skin & aids tests, cpr training, home visit, Etcetera , etcetera , etcetera . I am SO sick of paperwork and fulfilling time consuming requirements. I know, whine, whine, whine. We have been doing this type of paperwork for over FIVE years! Will it ever end?

One question that kinda caught me off guard while filling out paperwork today was actually a VERY simple question.

"Do you want to continue providing foster care?"

Wow, I never really thought about it. Honestly, if we didn't have Jonah right now, I might say no. I feel like I am busy all of the time these days. I am finding it hard to find the time to clean the house. I REALLY like having a clean house. Also, running errands with four little ones is not ideal :o) I realize these are such small things in the long run, especially when you are talking about providing a loving home to a baby that had a REALLY rough start. Also, I am constantly wondering if MY kids feel like they get enough attention. Our family isn't huge, but we do have four kids under six. Is it fair they have to share time with mommy and daddy with another child? However, we all LOVE Jonah. We would all miss him A LOT if he were to leave our house. Jonah is really a GREAT baby. I guess I will complete the paperwork, but not necessarily because we 100% want to continue foster care. Instead because we 100% want to continue fostering Jonah.

Today marks one week since the investigator we hired was scheduled to travel to Ninh Thuan in an attempt to locate Sophie Le's birth family. I don't know if it is good or bad that we haven't heard anything. I am praying that the agency is writing up our report rather than still searching. Hopefully we will hear something SOON! ANTICIPATION!


Tricia said...

Your words bring tears to my eyes. That sweet Jonah is a gift - as much as you are to him, he is to you. What a special relationship. I don't have any idea how you get anything done - forget the house cleaning. When do you make dinner? You are remarkable. I thank God that you are 100% "in it" for Jonah. He is blessed.

alexis said...

I believe I read a post a while back of you talking about foster care. Didn't it say something that ARkansas is in need of LOVING foster families?Please don't take one away! Just the simple fact that you can't imagine NOT being Jonah's foster mom tells me that you are not ready to stop.There are many more "jonahs" out there! Paperwork and dealing with dhs is frustrating! I go through some of the same issues everyday, but isn't so rewarding to see that sweet baby smiling at you, laughing, and reaching out to you? Don't get discouraged! If you feel like you are being unfair to your girls, talk to them!! Hilary (from what I read) will give you an honest answer!! I believe you recently gave me some advice........pray about it!! =)

Heather M. said...

Oh I am trying to catch up! Being off-line for 3 days has me wayyyyy behind! I have missed your blog ;)
Four under age 6...yikes! But it seems as though you are doing it well & making a difference in so many lives! As long as you are happy & your family is as well...go for it! They're only little for a while! Park days!!! Can't wait! LOVE being outside's going to be hard to homeschool in the Spring...we may be reading a lot under trees!! Congrats to Miss HA on her Baptism! How truly wonderful. I will get to meet her someday for sure & see what her mama has been bragging about!