Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 68 - MDO, Sunshine & Vietmoms...

Wow, this year is passing so quickly! We are already at Day 68? Goodness.

This morning, the little kids & I went to MDO. We usually get there pretty early so I get a few quite minutes to play with my sweet babies :o)

Julianne feeding her baby
Sophie Le likes to play with the toy food at church...and home...actually she is a big fan of toy food anwhere...and real food for that matter :o)
Hanging out with "her little brother"

When we got home, I started gathering all of my stuff to take into the house. I turned around and realized the three girls were already out of the car and playing on the Rainbow! Haha! I don't know if I am going to be able to keep them in the house this spring...they LOVE playing outside!

Goodness, I LOVE this child!
Okay, so Julianne has these little bumps on her face. I have tried to diagnose them on the internet with no luck. Any ideas?
See, we do have balls at our house :o)
My sweet baby loves to swing!
This sweet baby does too...especially if it involves jumping off of a table :o)
She LOVES me to take "action shots" of her :o) Haha!
After I take the picture, she runs over to see it on the screen :o) Man, things sure have changed since I was a little kid!
Sophie Le :o)
My girls have come to expect "happy hour" after school!
Oh man, I LOVE baby feet...even in shoes!
And sweet little ruffled bloomers!
Sophie Le...
Sophie Le gathering sticks to build Meow a bed :o)
Swinging with my baby...Hillary Ashton, photographer :o)
Jonah usually spits up several times a day, therefore bibs are a must. I found a huge, soft green towel on sale at Wal-Mart yesterday for only $2.50 and I decided to make Jonah a ton of bibs out of it :o) I just LOVE how the towel is so absorbent!
Spring is coming!!!
Sweet sisters!
The girls get soooooo excited when daddy gets home from work (me too!). They almost always say, "Welcome home daddy, thank you for going to work." So sweet!
Hillary Ashton was so excited to show Daddy the bugs she caught today!
Daddy has lots of girls to greet when he gets home...lucky daddy!

Tonight I went to eat with my Vietmoms group. We have all adopted internationally and meet once a month to catch-up and have dinner. If you think the moms are cute, you should see the babies :o) Haha! Fun times!


Lisa said...

I'll check back in the morning. Good Night! :)

Lisa said...

Yea! Pictures!! I had a great time last night. :)

Shelley would tell you never to look on the internet because everything seems a million times worse...or maybe that's just what she tells me because I freak out! That being said, look up molluscum (a virus). Eli has had it recently and it seems to be getting better. Just a thought. Hope Julianne is better soon!

Jules said...

I think its molluscum too. If so they normally go by themselves and are really common in little kids

Tanya said...

my son from Ethiopia had those too, on his scalp. luckily my husband knew exactly what they were (he's a pediatrician) and he called in some ointment to treat it. (yes, called molluscum contagiosum) My son's are gone now, but the ointment is very potent and can burn the healthy skin easily. Might not want to use it on the face. Now my son has a different fungal growth on his scalp. Both of these are common in toddlers...esp. from other countries. Good luck! Let me know if you want the name of the ointment, but your doctor should be able to help you out with that.