Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 69 - A day with grandparents...

Thanks to the those of you that commented on yesterday's post and helped diagnose Julianne‘s bumps! I agree that Julianne probably has molluscum. So glad to have an explanation for those pesky little bumps!

Sophie Le had gymnastics class this morning and was soooooo excited to have so many people there just to watch her :o) My parents were in town, daddy came on his lunch break, Hillary Ashton came because she played hooky from school was sick (cough, cough) and of course, Mama, Juicy & Jonah were there as always. On the way to class, she said, "I have lots of people coming to watch me today because a lot of people love me. A lot." Haha! Sweet baby!

When this child smiles, his whole body smiles. It really is the sweetest thing! His eyes light up, his legs and arms wiggle and his mouth forms the most perfect, sweet smile.
After a yummy, Mexican lunch, we decided to head back to the house so the little kiddos could take a nap...however, we didn't make it in time :o) Here is a picture of the little girls before I even backed out of the restaurant parking lot!!!
My outdoor girl...
This child is ALWAYS (seriously, ALWAYS) looking for "treasures."
She was beyond thrilled to find these beauties :o)
She came and told me that she found the most beautiful flowers growing "at the edge of our country, close to our neighbor's country." Haha! "Country" because we live in the country :o) Actually, I think they were technically in "our neighbor's country."
However, I am sure if the neighbors knew how happy they made my girl, they wouldn't mind we "borrowed" two :o) They made her day which in turn, made my day :o)

She was also excited to find another willing photographer to capture her "awesome, action swinging." Haha!
This one cracks me up!
She would do a few jumps and then run over to her Ganny to check out how cool she looked :o) Haha!
We also had several races down the driveway...of course, she won everytime :o)
Since we didn't have any gold medals laying around, she decided her prize would be a popcicle. Truthfully, she wasn't a very gracious winner and she wouldn't share her popcicle :o) Next time, I plan to beat her...haha!
Next on the agenda...cheer class for Hillary Ashton. Here she is practicing her back walk over...
While at practice today, I found a treasure of my own...A PLAYGROUND at Hillary Ashton's gym!!!! I am sooooooooooo excited! I had no idea there is a great little playground for the little kids to play on while Hillary Ashton is in class!!! AWESOME! Of course, Hillary Ashton had to give it a try before we left :o)
Sooooooooo sweet!
Never to big for a baby slide, right?
Hillary Ashton was so happy her Ganny came to watch her cheer this afternoon!
Papa was very nice to offer to stay at home while the three little kiddos finished their naps...however, he may need some lessons on changing diapers (Julianne's diaper is on backwards) :o) Haha!
After supper and YUMMY milkshakes from Sonic (I think Sonic is becoming an obsession with these girls!), the girls played with their new Sushi set. My friend, Tricia, brought lots of fun stuff, her family no longer needs, to our Vietmom dinner last night to pass along to others. This Bento box/sushi set was one of those fun items. The girls had a ball playing with it after breakfast this morning and were LOVING it again tonight. In fact, they both wanted to skip supper so they could play with the Bento box set!! The desire to skip meals NEVER happens at our house :o)
Hillary Ashton "spoke Japanese" for about an hour tonight while taking orders, preparing the food and serving it :o) Her Japanese is really coming along...haha! Btw, that is blush on her cheeks :o)
Thanks Tricia, we LOVE it!


The Garners said...

I love love love reading about your daily lives and seeing all your super sweet/fun pictures! I like the one of H.A. running with the daffodil from the country--so cute!

Tricia said...

Oh, so cute! I am so happy that the girls are enjoying the sushi. The pics of the Hillary Ashton are so great. What a fun day for everyone. Especially your dad and that diaper experience.

Sami said...

Julianne is cracking me up in the background of that last pic of Hillary Ashton! She's so adorable!