Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 71 - Hillary Ashton gets a new sassy bob...

Okay, if you remember Sophie Le got her hair cut pretty short back in December. Hillary Ashton LOVED it and wanted to get her cut short too. We just haven't gotten around to it, but she said something the other day that helped spur mommy along...

HA: Mommy, I am going to let my hair grow really, really long so I can lower it out of my window and a special person can climb up to my room.
Mommy: do you still want to go to that super cool haircut place and get your haircut?

Haha! Here is the before picture...
And here is the after...

The place the girls get their haircut REALLY is super cool :o) They have a fun firetruck/taxi/airplane seats for the kids to set in while getting their hair cut, a playroom, movies, video games, suckers, cookies, etc... They also have regular chairs for the older kids. Well today when we got there, their was a girl about Hillary Ashton's age setting in one of the BIG SEATS!!! Agggg! She and Hillary Ashton conversed in a little girl talk. I was so hoping Hillary Ashton wouldn't pick a big seat today...I am REALLY not ready for the big seat! Luckily in true Hillary Ashton fashion, she stayed true to herself and didn't succumb to peer pressure :o) Haha!
That's my baby :o)

I also got my hair cut tonight...but with no suckers, cookies or cool seats. However I didn't have to get a before of after picture either so I guess we are even :o)

This morning, I was cleaning the kitchen and I ran across the Census bag that was left on the front door a couple weeks ago. As I was tossing it into the trash (SORRY if that offends you, I just had several other things I needed to get done), I noticed it is REQUIRED and that a representative would visit me personally if I didn't complete the survey. Suddenly, I found the time to complete the survey :o) On the questionnaire you are asked to list everyone living in your home. Then the survey asks questions about that person. One question was the relationship of the person to you...a few of the choices were: grandchild, tenant, parent. The one option that really perplexed me was the breakdown of "biological son or daughter" or "adopted son or daughter." What does that matter? Why does your child have to be labeled bio or adopted? Adoption is an event in time that adds a child to your home. Julianne and Sophie Le WERE adopted and now they are MY breakdown needed.
Another interesting observation is that there was a box for Sophie Le's race, but not Julianne's. I really haven't thought about it before, but when Julianne fills in her race I guess she will mark other. Maybe one day there will be an Ethiopian box :o)

I'm off to watch my redbox movie, The Time Traveler's Wife. See you tomorrow....can you it will be the 72nd day of the year??? Time flies so quickly!!!


Jason and Erin said...

Oh, I love when I get to mark that my kids were specially chosen! Though, I agree, for the census, it probably doesn't matter. Although, maybe they want to know how many people adopt for statistical purposes, and adoption programs will get more funding!

Jebena said...

There is a box for Julianne, although she is Ethiopian, she is African decent and here in America, that means you are the Mother of a beautiful African American girl :)

Keep up the wonderful parenting, you are to be honored on so many levels in all that you do as a Mother!