Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 74 - Check-up and Happy Snake (Easter Craft)...

This morning little Jonah had his four month check-up. I am happy to report he has moved up on the growth curve. One whole percentage...haha! He is up to the 4th percentile :o) My baby may be tiny, but he is BIG on sweetness :o) He was PERFECT at the appointment. We were there for 2.5 hours (a little improvement over last time) and he was so good the entire time. However, he did NOT like shot time. I made sure his precious little face was turned toward the nurse (haha!) when he got his shots and as soon as they were over I swooped him up and he started cooing and snuggling in :o) LOVE this baby! I just can't take his "my feelings are hurt" cry...that one breaks my heart! Jonah's doctor was very pleased with his development and health. I continue to be amazed by our little miracle baby!


After the appointment, we stopped by the DHS office to drop off some paperwork. You will not believe the conversation a man in front of me in line was having with a woman sitting in the waiting area!

Man (in line in front of us): Girl, did you hear about Bob*?
Lady: Yea, man. That was messed up. He got screwed.
Man: He just stabbed that &$%@# eight times, it ain't like he shot him.
Lady: That should have been manslaughter. That murder charge is messed up.

Oh my gosh! Seriously? This freaks me out! Do people really think like that? I just starred at the floor like it was the coolest thing EVER! Haha! Oh and obviously, Bob wasn't the other man's name. Just trying to protect the innocent...that would be me...haha!

After we got home, we...played outside. I am afraid we are getting a bit predicable :o) Can you believe how much Hillary Ashton's looks have changed over the last couple weeks?
I am beginning to think we may not hear anything else from our birth family search for Sophie Le :o( Tomorrow will be two weeks from the day the guide was suppose to travel to Sophie Le's hometown. I emailed the agency last week for an update, but I haven't heard ANYTHING!
I feel so blessed (and honored) that we were able to meet this little rascal's birthfamily (her uncle) while in Ethiopia. It ranks at the top of the most amazing moments of my life.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE little brown bellies :o)

After a little play time, we made our first Easter Craft of the year :o) I know we are a little early, but I decided to go ahead and make this super, cute snake today because we have many, many, many more Easter Crafts to do :o)

My favorite part of doing crafts with my girls is the talking. If I ask them about their day, they usually give me a short and sweet details. When we do crafts, they talk my ear off about lot of different things....lot of details :o) Seriously, what mama doesn't like details? Haha!

Where was I? Oh yea, here is our colorful Easter Egg Snake...
First we got the Easter eggs out. We used 22 eggs.
Julianne was quite intrigued...she had never seen one before today :o)
Next, drill a hole in each end of the egg...
Ju Ju liked that part!
While I was drilling, Hillary Ashton went inside to change. When she came back out she had a super proud look on her face...
She happily announced, "Look mama, I'm Miss Vietnam!" Haha!
The girls hard at work...
We then picked out a head for our snake and drew eyes and added ric rac for the tongue. We tied a knot in one end of the ribbon and threaded it out of the back of the head and taped up the egg...
Next, just thread the eggs on your ribbon or string...
Sophie Le was in charge of picking out the next egg to thread...she took her job seriously.
We saved one egg and added rice (borrowed from the girls' rice pool...yes, it is still in our living room!) to make a rattle sound for the snake. This step took help from all three girls :o)
After that, just tie a knot in the end and you have a cute, colorful snake!
Sophie Le and our Easter snake bonded very quickly :o)
She kept kissing it and saying, "Ewwweee, don't kiss me snake!"
I can't explain everything...haha!
This one is a beard :o) Haha! Daddy hasn't shaved in a few days and Hillary Ashton is obsessed with beards!

I got this fun idea from here.


The Garners said...

What a fun craft-we'll have to try that one! Wish now I hadn't thrown away last year's plastic eggs!

The expression on J's face looking at the egg for the first time is so cute and funny!

And oh my gosh--the conversation you accidentally overheard at words for that one--WOW!?!?! Scary!

Lisa said...

Love that expression on Julianne's face! Just wait, little one, it gets even better!

Emy said...

That is the cutest craft! I can't wait to make one!

And that conversation you heard, YIKES!!!