Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 76 - St. Patrick's Day, Dryer & WINNERS :o)

This morning, the little kids & I went to a FUN St. Patrick's Day party.

The two little girls really enjoyed the cake :o)
While I was feeding Julianne the last bites of her cake, I looked over at Sophie Le and she was LICKING her plate :o) These girls are a mess! I am sooooo lucky to have them in my life!
Jonah was a big hit at the party with the little ones :o) Sweet T (who I adore) helped feed Jonah his bottle :o) She always has the BEST bows :o)
How sweet are these party favors? They were filled with gold coins and chocolate...

After the party we meet Daddy for lunch and then went shopping for a new dryer (Boooooo!). Our dryer went out last Friday and the laundry pile is almost to the ceiling so we couldn't put it off any longer! Haha! Buying a new dryer is almost as exciting as buying new tires! Ugg! At least the kiddos enjoyed looking for a new dryer :o)
We may have a new dryer model on our hands :o)
day76 a
She was seriously working it...haha!
day 76 c
Just enjoying the ride :o)
day 76 b

My first giveaway was so FUN :o) Thanks to everyone who participated! I will definitely be doing another one again soon.

Here are the prizes :o)

Here are the winners....

The WINNER of the Puppy Power crayon holder...Domestic Diva :o)
puppy power winner
The WINNER of the Spring Flower crayon holder...Jamie Garner :o)

Congratulations!!! Yea!!!!

Domestic Diva, send me your address and I will get your prize in the mail :o) My email address is: Jamie, I have yours :o)

Now I just need to think of something else to giveaway :o) Haha! Any ideas?


The Garners said...

Ahhhhhh! Did I mis-read this?? I NEVER win drawings! I'm SOOO excited (I hope it's really me!) :) :) :)
Thank you!!!

Heather M. said...

Oh man! should definately do another drawing! can start an Etsy business & I can shop on-line (love that ;) Maybe a bib? Whatever's easy & doesn't take much time....because girl, I don't see how you have time to be sewing at all! Buy a fun washing machine! Is there such a thing? hahaha