Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 89 - I HEART Spring...

Today was another beautiful, Spring day! We had fun picking flowers...
I love having fresh flowers in a vase sitting on my kitchen counter...especially ones picked by my girl :o)
And the girls went for a ride :o) This is the first time Sophie Le was brave enough to drive and she did AWESOME!!!
Then a fun mama and her two sweet, handsome boys came to play...I LOVE fun mamas and sweet boys!!
Sophie Le loved showing off her picture album to Ms. Tricia :o) Then she took her album for a ride on the swing :o)
This little one's hair is growing soooooo fast! We are going to have piggie tails before I know it!
I really like red kid shoes...and red tricycles...DSC06887
...and cute babies :o)
After school today, this one went to a friend's house to play...she didn't know she was going home with her friend until the school secretary announced over the intercom that she was riding home with her friend...during nap time. She thought that was super cool :o) She thinks her mama is cool for setting up the play date...she's right...haha!
This little one finally got to use the potty today :o) She has been asking for a month or so, but I really thought it was just because she saw her sisters using the potty and thought it would be fun to sit on the potty. I didn't want her to think of the potty as something to "play" with :o) However, tonight I gave in and sit her on the potty...and she used it!!!!!! One day this mama will learn :o) Haha!

Tomorrow my littlest baby is going to see is mom for the first day...since birth. He will be gone almost ALL DAY even though the visit with his mom will only be one hour. Please pray for safe travels for my sweet baby...I am going to miss him sooooooo much!


Lisa said...

Love the picture of Sophie Le driving. She is a great big sister! Hum...just had an interesting thought...I wonder who Julianne will be driving around one day! ;)

Tricia said...

We had a great time. Thanks for having us over. Let us know when the car is charged up again... we'll be back!

Emy said...

I LOVE spring too! AH! Sunshine!!!

Praying for Jonah, sweet baby boy. I know it will be a tough day for you, but hopefully an easy one for him! You are amazing!

The Garners said...

Praying for sweet baby boy on his day out!