Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 90 - Visitation, Hand Me Downs & April Fools'...

This morning Jonah had his fist visitation with his birth mother. The girls were really sad and concerned when I dropped him off this morning. Hillary Ashton cried on the way to school. Throughout the day, Sophie Le couldn't stop talking about him. She kept things like "When is Jonah coming home? I miss him. He smiles at me and he loves me. Mama, did you know that I love Jonah?"

I thought the girls were going to knock the caseworker over when she brought Jonah home this afternoon :o) They were soooooo happy to see him. I think he was happy to see them too :o) He kept smiling and "talking" to them. The caseworker said, "I've been with him all day and I had no idea he could talk." Haha! It is so true! Jonah does talk A LOT...I guess it comes with living with three big sisters. He usually has one of the girls knelt beside him singing to him or talking to him and he will just grunt and coo back to them. You can tell he thinks he is really telling them some big story :o)

The caseworker's report of the visit and some other information she shared with me about the case reaffirmed my strong desire for Jonah to be adopted by family. I know that God is in control of Jonah's life and I will accept whatever happens. Please keep this sweet, sweet baby in your prayers...I believe the decisions made in the coming months will have a HUGE impact on his life.

We had another BEAUTIFUL day today :o) I am LOVING this warm weather!!! I am always so thankful that I have THREE girls when the seasons change...
Hand Me Downs are the BEST!!!
I can't tell you how happy it makes me when I pull out these storage bins and find cute clothes for the girls...for FREE!!! It is AWESOME!!

Can you believe today is the last day of March? Man, time sure flies when you have small children! March is gone so that means tomorrow is April Fools' Day! What a fun day :o) I had great intentions of making some awesome April Fools' food I found on the Family Fun website, but I am not sure if I will get around to it tomorrow or not. I think my girls would go crazy over these...
French Fries...made out of bread sticks and cinnamon :o)
Grilled cheese...made out of pound cake and frosting :o)
Fish sticks and peas...made out of cookies, taffy and strawberry jam :o)
And my FAVORITE, Stir fry...made out of fruit roll ups, pineapples, apples and cashews :o)

How fun would that meal be? Do you have any April Fools' Day pranks for tomorrow?

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Jason and Erin said...

I look at those every year and think I will do them, but I never do. But tomorrow, I am going to set the table for breakfast, put some food coloring in the bottom of the bowl, and pour Loston's cereal in the bowl. Then I will set out a pitcher or cup of milk for him to pour onto the cereal. When he does... Voila! Pink Milk! He'll love it, and it's easy. Just a thought.