Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 100 - Just another Beautiful, Spring Day...

Jonah has decided it is not desirable (or tolerated) to be laid down (or to be put in a swing, bouncy, etc) anytime...for any reason. I think it is his age - 5 months. Whatever it is, Luckily, he is still a tiny, little thing :o) Haha! Today I had to (gasp) let him cry it out a couple times. Poor baby would like to be an only child, but instead he has to share Mommy with three little girls. I think having our other foster kids' pictures in the frame has gotten the girls thinking about the possibility of Jonah leaving our home. They have told me many, many, many times today that they love Jonah and think we should 'dopt him. I wish I could guard their sweet little hearts, but I can't. They love him and their little hearts will break when he leaves. I hate that. It is very possible that he will not be with us through the summer so I am trying to prepare them...however they are insistent that THEY want to 'dopt him :o)

I finished switching the girls' closets to Spring/Summer, which I LOVE!! I just LOVE dressing my little girls in sweet, Spring dresses :o)

We had fun playing outside today...I think we are getting a bit predictable :o) Haha! Today was a special Saturday though...Daddy's last Saturday to work!!! Yea!!! It will be sooooo nice having him home more!

This little girl is soooooo sweet. Seriously...very sweet.
Her favorite outside activity (second to sitting in my lap...LOVE it!) is riding the 4-wheeler. She LOVES that thing!
"Come on, Mom. That is enough pictures." Haha!
My girls LOVE getting wet :o) Isn't it funny that toys that you get at the $1 store are sometimes to best, most used toys?

Popsicle break...

I came in the garage and I saw Hillary Ashton airing up the tire on the bicycle. Haha! Who taught her that? That girl is a smart one :o) I LOVE that she feels confident to tackle any problem herself :o) My independent little woman :o)

She also found a new, exciting insect today...a caterpillar! She was soooooooo excited and couldn't quit laughing at how it moved :o)
She reluctantly released him into the flower bed...
Hopefully we will see a beautiful butterfly soon :o)


Renee said...

Took our Henok to the dollar store the first week in America. He was 11yrs and chose a white teddy bear holding a pink heart that said, "#1 Mom" on it. He LOOOOVED that little bear! HAHA!

Heather M. said...

It's great that you can be predictable when it comes to beautiful days playing outside! Easy Fun Times! LOVE the caterpillar. C won't touch any bug. The boys always hunt for chrysalis' to watch! Just for you...C is hitting my booty right now with her big yellow balloon my niece left here last weekend shouting "I got your booty!" hahaha.

Tricia said...

Love the dollar store. We need to stock up on water sprayers. We are loving the weather too but the pollen is really getting to me. Hope we can play again soon.