Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 102 - Birds, Cats & Memories...

I decided to work today instead of tomorrow so I can go with Hillary Ashton's class in the morning to the Heifer Farm...whooooooohooooo! I am really excited about visiting the farm and learning more about the awesome work they do there. So this morning as I was walking the kids into MDO (carrying Jonah in his car seat), a BIRD POOPED ON MY BABY! Ugg! I mean, seriously? He only had a few inches of exposed clothing...what are the odds? Of course, I forgot to bring him any extra clothes...or my lunch...or lunch money. Luckily our church has extra clothes and a nice lady that works at the cafe :o)

Then we got home and I discovered that one of my children (I am not naming any names, but her name rhymes with bee) lifted some necklace latches from Wal-Mart. Seriously? What's that about?

It has been one of those days :o)

One funny little thing from today...Hillary Ashton walked with me to check the mail this afternoon. On our way down the driveway, we stopped to pet Princess Lola. Lola rolled over on her back so we could rub her belly.

Hillary Ashton (super excitedly): "Princess Lola's belly is getting soooo big because she has lots and lots of babies in there."

Btw, I had to tell her that there might be babies in Lola's belly so she would be extra careful with her the other day. Of course, might has turned into definitely in her mind :o)

Mommy: "I hope not."
Hillary Ashton: "Why wouldn't you want Princess Lola to have babies?"
Mommy: "I think we have enough babies around here for now."
Hillary Ashton: "But if Princess Lola has babies we can sell them and go on a long vacation and Daddy will be able to quit his job and stay home with us all day."

Oh to be five! If she was right, I would be buying a Marvin Gaye Cd, a can of tuna and some candles for those cats :o) Haha!

One of my favorite things about blogging is looking back and reading about what we were doing this time of the year in the past. I am always so amazed at how much things have changed and how much my babies have grown!

Here is Hillary Ashton in 2006. We got her this water table for Easter. Even though it was a bit chilly out, she still insisted on climbing into her "new pool" for a swim. Haha! She has always been such a fun kid!

Hillary Ashton, April 2006

In April of 2007, Hillary Ashton was beyond excited about our upcoming trip to Vietnam. She told EVERYONE we saw, that she was "going on an airplane to pick up Sophie Le from the baby house." What sweet times!

Hillary Ashton with our yorkie, Hailey, April 2007

On this day in 2007, we received a new picture of Sophie Le from our agency. She was 5 1/2 months old in this picture. It was the third and final picture our agency sent of our Sophie Le :o) Such a cutie!

Sophie Le, April 2007

Here she is a year later at the zoo...oh my goodness, that child melts my heart!
Sophie Le, April 2008
Trying to stay awake!
Be still my heart

Two years ago, April 2008, we were having our homestudy done for Julianne :o)

In April of 2009, we received a video of Julianne! It was the first time we were able to see her in motion :o) It was amazing! We also found out that she has mastered the skill of sitting up on her own which was a HUGE answered prayer! There were so many unknowns with her at that point and we weren't sure how much she be delayed, what a difference a year makes!

Thank you God for these wonderful memories!

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Tricia said...

I just had a chance to read this. I love the look back over the years. Those are my favorites. The girls are beautiful. I remember seeing you at the airport, leaving for Sophie Le - with HA in tow. A year later, we were doing that with Ben - headed to get Liam. I am so glad I have you in my life - thanks for your friendship.