Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 104 - Birth Familes & Catch of the Day...

I would like to start this post with one of my favorite quotes. A quote I heard today :o)

"What a beautiful day God made for us today. A perfect day to run and play."
~Hillary Ashton, age 5

This morning, I got up extra early to get Jonah ready for a visit with his birth mother. His birth mother "lives" about two hours away from our house so the caseworker picked him up around 7:30 a.m.. Anyways, so I got up early. I was still half asleep when I checked my email. I thought I was dreaming when I saw...

15 more pictures of Sophie Le's birth family AND a letter from her birth mother :o)

This blessing was a complete surprise :o) You may remember I sent some pictures to our search agency a few weeks ago. Last week, they drove back to Sophie Le's hometown and delivered them to her birth mother. While they were at the house, they took some more pictures for us :o) I am beyond thrilled about this! The BEST part of the surprise pictures is that one of the pictures is of Sophie Le's birth GRANDPARENTS :o) How cool is that?

Over breakfast I told Sophie Le & Hillary Ashton about the new pictures, here is our conversation:

Me: Hey Sophie Le, I checked my computer this morning and we got some new pictures of your birth family in Vietnam.
Sophie Le (super excited!): Ooooooo! Yea! I can't wait to see them, Mama!
Me: The pictures are on the computer and I will show you after breakfast. One of the pictures we got is of C**, your sister and C**'s mom and dad.
Sophie Le: Oh, you mean like a Papa and Grandma?
**She knows that mommy and daddy's parents are grandparents and made the connection with C**'s parents...I got a smart one**
Me: Yes.
Hillary Ashton (SUPER excited!): We have a "Papa Vietnam????"
**My dad is known as "Papa Texarkana" and Neil's dad is "Papa Paragould"
Me: Well, um...yes, I guess you do.
Hillary Ashton: Oh my gosh...that is so cool. I can't believe we have a "papa Vietnam."
Sophie Le: We have three papas! That is lucky!

We totally consider Julianne and Sophie Le's birth family OUR family. I think it is so cool that Hillary Ashton has totally picked up on that and automatically thought of Sophie Le's birth grandfather as HER papa too :o)

So I showed the girls the picture of the grandparents and Sophie Le said, "Mama, I think Papa Vietnam is my funniest papa." Haha! He did have a funny, playful look on his face :o)

It just makes my heart smile at the thought of my "peach baby" running up to this Vietnamese man saying, "Papa!" I would love to see the expression on his face :o) Haha!

I decided to make my Wednesday easier today...I picked up Hillary Ashton early from school so the little kids could get a GOOD nap in before church. It worked out perfectly. Maybe a new Wednesday tradition.

Hillary Ashton took full advantage of the extra time to play outside this afternoon :o)

She found a....turtle
And a...lizard, the "perfect playmate" for her caterpillar "Fuzzy"
We also found a snake...eeek! AND I accidently TOUCHED it! Agggg! Let's just pretend that never happened!

On the way to church, Hillary Ashton got concerned that the lizard might try to eat Fuzzy so the first thing she did when we got home was kick that lizard to the curb (or flowerbed) :o)Sorry Mr. Lizard, no more "Bug hotel" for you :o) I am SURE he was disappointed :o)
She was really extra proud of her lizard catch today because she SAVED the lizard's life :o) She saw Princess Lola (who has been know to make a lizard or two "freeze" in her day) batting the lizard around and she swooped in and saved him :o)

It looks like little sister is following in her big sister's footsteps :o) While Hillary Ashton was releasing the lizard into the wild, Julianne found the turtle :o) I was so surprised when I turned around and saw her holding him...haha!
She wasn't real excited about giving him up :o)

While we were playing outside this afternoon, we got some unexpected excitement...first we heard lots of LOUD sirens (which is not normal for our area) and then a firetruck pulled into our driveway! Sophie Le came running from the playground area and said, "Mom, mom! Is our house on fire?" I quickly ran around to the front of the house to make sure they didn't know something we didn't! Luckily, they were just turning around in our driveway! Unfortunately they were headed to the house across the street from us. I hope everyone was okay! We couldn't see what was going on because of all of the trees!

I have to agree with Hillary Ashton, It really was the perfect day to run around and play...especially with these three sweeties :o)
Her shirt says, "I'm Awesome" :o)


Tricia said...

Oh, my goodness. That Julianne, hugging that turtle is hilarious. Is is a super brave one. And, yes...let's forget about the snake.

Heather M. said...

Oh...I'm diggin' the Wednesday plan! Sounds good to me. Your little creature catcher is getting pretty good!Cute lizard & turtle! And a visit from the fire dept.! What a great day!

Anonymous said...

Great Wednesday plan and I am very excited for you and the new pictures and letter! What a treasure for Sophie Le to have. :)