Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 106 - Roadtrip & Playin' in the Park...

I am so thankful to have kids that are good car riders :o) I probably ask "how much longer?" more than the all three kids combined :o) Haha!

Poor Daddy...traveling with four girls makes for lots of bags :o) They may be good car riders, but they aren't light packers :o) Haha! Each girl has a bag plus a shoe bag for all of their shoes plus baby dolls plus special blankets...lot to keep track of :o) We are lucky to have a Daddy that happily loads the car with no complaints!
Lunch time...Julianne ran out of hands to eat with :o) One had is holding her baby...the other hand is holding her french fry container...instead of putting her baby down, she just picked up her food with her mouth...silly girl!

I probably turned around to check on Jonah at least 20 times during our road trip. I kept thinking to myself, "Man, Jonah sure is being quite." Haha! However, when I turned around all I saw was an empty seat :o( It is so strange not having him with us. We all miss him so much! However, my shoulder has appreciated not having to carry his car seat all day! It has been so sore the last week or so, but after a day of rest it is feeling much better :o) Karey, the sweet mom that is keeping Jonah, left a comment today saying he is doing good. THANK YOU KAREY!! I am so thankful to hear that!

A quick picture before heading to supper...
Julianne has happily reclaimed her position as the baby of the family today :o)
Sweet baby!

Playin' at the park...
She looks so different without her glasses!
Julianne looks so tiny walking next to Daddy!
Best friends...
Bringing little sister a dandelion :o)
Jumping rope...


Tricia said...

So glad you all (including Jonah) have had a great day. Enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

Hope you continue to have a great time! Did you make Julianne and Hillary Ashton's outfit? If so can I pay you to make one for Emma?? :) So very cute!!