Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 107 - A morning at DWA & Supper at the Park...

Our original plans for today got rained out so we spent our morning at the Dallas World Aquarium.

Hillary Ashton, Sophie Le & Julianne...
The big girls feeding the birds...notice BOTH girls have their hands in the feeding window...
As soon as the bird started walking toward the girls, Sophie Le dumped her blueberry in Hillary Ashton's hand and quickly withdrew her hand from the window...haha!
Of course Hillary Ashton LOVED having the bird eat out of her hand :o)
The girls checking out some little stingrays...
Aren't they cute?
It is hard for my nature girl to be around so many animals she can't pick up or touch!
My girls in front of the large waterfall...Hillary Ashton thought she would look "extra nice" with her shirt tucked into her shorts...haha! I think the dress code monitors at her school are brainwashing her!
This little area was definitely the high light of our visit...
We all LOVED watching the sharks, stingrays, saw fish, etc... swimming all around us...especially the saw fish...they were super cool!
After having the stingray swim right by her face, Sophie Le decided she better stay on the floor rather than against the glass...haha! She is my cautious baby :o)
My sweethearts...
Just chillin' with her apple juice, watchin' the fish swim by...
If I didn't know better, I would have thought these owls were statues! They didn't move a muscle while she watched them...
Same with the jaguar...
I was watching my big girl imitate a flamingo and I didn't even notice Julianne stick her head through the wooden fence...yep, her head got stuck...I didn't take a picture of that because I am a good mom and I don't want any evidence that I wasn't watching my child around wild animals...haha!
I have always like flamingos...they remind me a lot of my pretty, but they can bicker and argue with each other like you wouldn't believe...haha!
It's hard to believe this little girl wouldn't have anything to do with Daddy the first few months after she came home from Ethiopia! Now she thinks her Daddy is pretty hot stuff...I agree :o)
Have I ever mentioned how much this child likes may be her biggest vice :o)
I hate to say it, but Julianne's face pretty much summed our feelings about the Dallas World Aquarium...

Guess who likes to color now? (Btw, I am talking about Julianne...not Daddy...haha) My baby girl is growing up!

Since we had a late lunch, we decided to have an ice cream supper at the park...all parties involved were happy with this decision :o) Our family LOVES milkshakes!!
Look at that face :o)
These girls make life so sweet!
This one keeps us on our toes...but she is also as sweet as can be :o)
Julianne really looks up to her big sisters...she wants to do everything they is so sweet!
She is lucky to have such good big sisters and they are lucky to have such a wonderful little sister.
She really wanted to go down the big tube slide...
But she got a little nervous...
So big sister showed her how it's done...
See, it's fun Julianne!
Okay, I'm I come!
Sophie Le, you were right!
I don't know what I am going to do with Julianne...she LOVES to take off her diapers! She does it all of the time...including tonight at the park! I guess I am going to have to potty train her soon!

Can you believe it was raining the entire time we were at the park? These folks down here in Texas are some smart folks :o)

One more thing to add...We bought the outfit Sophie Le is wearing today (minus the cardigan) while we were in Vietnam...for $4!!!! You may not be able to tell from the pictures, but it is sooooooooooooo sweet. Man, I would LOVE to go shopping in Saigon again!!

*Elisabeth, yes I did...thank you :o) What size does Emma wear?


Tricia said...

Sophie Le's outfit is adorable. I wouldn't mind a shopping trip in VN myself. I'm ready whenever you are - just tell Neil you'll be home by 10pm.

Lisa said...

The pictures of Sophie Le showing Julianne the joy of sliding are fabulous. So fun to see the entire progression from the frightful face to the smiling face! Way to show little sister the ropes, Sophie Le!

Anonymous said...

Oh I'd go back shopping to VN with you!!! I wish I would have bought more. :) A little bit of a long trip for a girls weekend though...Glad you are having fun in our great state. Lots of fun things to do here. :)

Oh and Emma is currently in 18 months. :) Give me a price and I'll send you a check. :)

Heather M. said...

Next time you plan a weekend trip to Dallas, give me a shout! We'd love to meet you guys and Dallas is just a 2 hr. trek for us! Some great places to eat!!! :) Have a fun Sunday...raining here in Tyler.

Leigh said...

Did you really make your husband stand there with that diaper so that you could take a picture?? Holy Cow! John Booth would have killed me...and he's pretty tolerant!

I guess Neil must still be in a daze recovering from tax season? LOL. Glad you all enjoyed the trip!

Heather M. said...

OH & I meant to say "sorry" you didn't like the aquarium! I guess coming from a small town, we thought it was great! We don't have anything like it around "our parts"! LOL! Hopefully the park helped to make up for it! We have to have those covers for the terrible Texas Heat in the summers! Pretty handy for rain days too tho!