Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 108 - A taste of Asia and Fun at the Mall...

I woke up this morning with some type of stomach bug. Thankfully it only lasted a couple hours, but we still missed church :o( We were really disappointed because we love visiting one particular church here.

We had another rainy and cold (I thought we were past cold!) day today. We decided to start our day at the Asia World Market.
We were hoping to find some dragon fruit, but unfortunately the market didn't have any. When we stayed in Vietnam, we ate dragon fruit everyday. When housekeeping came to clean our room each day, they would refill our fruit bowl with the yummy treat :o) We have purchased it before in our town, but it isn't very all! Here is what dragon fruit looks like...
dragon fruit
Kinda crazy looking, huh? Haha! Here is what it looks like in the middle...
inside of dragon fruit
I have been craving good, fresh dragon fruit since we got home in 2007...another GREAT reason to visit Vietnam :o) Until then I will continue to hit up every Asian market I see hoping to find that delicious treat!

We did find a couple yummy treats today at the market...
We bought some Strawberry jam cookies from Malaysia, layered cake from Vietnam and a rice cake with peanuts and red beans from the deli :o)
The strawberry jam cookies were a hit with all of the girls!
They were really good...not as sweet as you might expect, which I like. Hillary Ashton gave them an enthusiastic thumbs up :o)
Julianne gave them a finger and toe up :o)
Next they tried the cake and it got mixed reviews (I didn't taste this one because it has eggs in it) :o)
Hillary Ashton was suspicious at first because of the smell, but she tasted it and really liked it...
Sophie Le tasted hers...
...and quickly put it down and requested another Strawberry jam cookie...
Who could resist this sweet face?
Next up...the rice cake
I can totally admit I am not savvy when it comes to Asian food. Having said that, the "rice" cake didn't look much like rice to me. It looked kinda like some kind of dough. Whatever it was, none of the girls liked it...but Daddy liked it a lot!

This is going to sound funny, but one of the girls' favorite things to do when we come to TX is play at the mall :o) For some unknown reason, our mall in AR doesn't have an indoor play area. I can't believe I got all three of my girls in one shot...haha! They usually run in three different directions!
Sophie Le looks like she is posing for her Senior pictures..haha!
Little cuties...
Wherever we go, this child always makes friends immediately. I hope she always has that ability.

I have been wanting to measure the little girls for awhile, but I keep forgetting. Today seemed like the perfect time :o) To me, they seem really close in size.
The are about 3 inches apart...
Hillary Ashton loved that she was "off the charts!"

Sometimes it is so hard to get a good picture of all three the same time. Today was one of those days, so here is a good pic of Hillary Ashton...
and a good one of Sophie Le...
and finally a good one of Julianne...

Haha! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

*Heather, we will for sure call you next time we are in town...I would LOVE to see you guys. Also, DWA was okay. It was just VERY, VERY, VERY crowded. We also thought, because it is named the Dallas World Aquarium it would be mostly fish and such rather than lots and lots of birds. We were also hoping to be at Six Flags that day so that may have influenced us a bit :o)


Tricia said...

Two rainy cold days, plus you were sick??? Guess you will have to go back next weekend. Nope, didn't make those cookies - sorry, I'm not that good. I think you should do some fancy work with your computer and put those three pics of the girls together and make a great shot of all three!

Heather M. said...

Oooooo, I'll have to try the Asia Market....looks cool! Sorry the weather was stinky! Hopefully this will be the last cool snap of the season! Warmer days worries! Yes, I agree that the aquarium was quite crowded! I was glad we only took our tiny stroller in o:)


Parker and Janet said...

Amy!!! I love this mall. We play here all the time. It has the best play area. Hope yall had a great trip!