Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 111 - It's been one of those days... of those days when you make the time to watch the butterflies eat sweet nectar from a newly bloomed flower...

I was so amazed that these beautiful butterflies let me and my girl get so close to them...
We were actually THIS zoom used in these pictures...Springtime is the BEST!
DSC07973 of those days when you make time to pick wildflowers with your little girl that is growing up way too fast...

She decided that she would only pick yellow flowers that were taller than her :o) I think this one just made the cut...haha!
I love living in the country where we can let the wildflowers grow instead of having them "treated" by the fertilizer guy at the beginning of the season.
I hope she always enjoys picking wildflowers with her mommy!
I hope she always remembers what it like standing next to a flower that is taller than her...
That's a big one :o)
She found the perfect spot for her wildflowers today...
I LOVE my wildflowers picked by my wild child :o)

My favorite quote of the day...

"I love picking lots of wildflowers, throwing them in the air and shouting "Hallelujah!"
It makes me so happy."
Hillary Ashton, age 5 of those days when it stays light well into the evening...

The girls were so excited they got to play outside after church tonight!
Sophie Le...
I am lovin' her $5 dress!!!
Jonah LOVED watching the girls play outside tonight :o)
DSC08011 of those days when you realize how blessed you are to spend your days with four little angels...


It's been one of those days that make you realize when people talk about the good ole' days...these are the days they are talking about.

I will happily take many, many more days like this, please :o)


Tricia said...

You are so right. These ARE the good ole' days. Great day. Love the wild flower girl.

Heather M. said...

I know...sometimes I think we're boring, staying home & playing outside and working in the yard so much, etc. But then I think...we are making wonderful memories, each and every day! And we're not all stressed out all of the time...I wish it could be Spring year round! Love your butterfly pictures & your wildflowers! Maybe she could come and fix me a new arrangement for my front door!

The Garners said...

The butterfly pictures are amazing! So pretty!!!

I love that H.A. picks wildflowers--she's so cute!

Lisa said...

So true, indeed, these ARE the good ole days! Beautiful post!